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He Gone Recap

The flyer that Eugene was holding drifts to the church floor. Jesse goes over and picks it up. After a moment he braces himself and goes outside, unware that up above, Cassidy has seen the entire thing.

The congregation enters the church while others stand outside and listen via the loudspeaker. Hugo looks at the empty pew where Eugene would be sitting. Jesse begins his sermon and says that everyone's lives can change if they serve God. Afterward, everyone congratulates Jesse. As Hugo goes, he asks if anyone has seen Eugene.

At his office, Odin looks at the diorama of the Alamo and listens to cows dying in the slaughterhouse.

The Past

A young Jesse waits outside the principal's office with tulip as his father talks to the principal. They finally come out and demand an explanation, and Jesse says that they didn't intend for it to get out of hand. The principal puts out that Jesse and Tulip put three kids in the infirmary and Donnie lost a nipple. When John prepares to take Jesse home, he says that they can't leave Tulip there and she admits that her mother is in jail, drunk.

At home, Jesse prays before bedtime and tells God that he's trying hard not to be so bad. Meanwhile, John tucks Tulip in on the couch, turns off the lights, and goes to bed.


Tulip runs down the street and finally stops, setting her high-heeled shoes down on a car hood. She yanks a boy off his bike when he rides by and demands her uncle's pants. Once she has the, Tulip goes to her car and turns the engine off. Her uncle is outside, passed out drunk, and he's too heavy to get inside. Tulip looks around at the people watching and lights up a cigarette.

At the church, Jesse goes over his schedule and is surprised how busy he is. He tells Emily that they're just getting started, and she walks off.

Eugene's room sits empty.

Cassidy visits Jesse and notices all of the people waiting for him for Bible study. He asks Jesse how it's going, and finally says that he saw what happened to Eugene. Cassidy asks what he can do to help, just as Emily comes in. Jesse refuses to discuss it and goes to his Bible study class. Jesse comes in and tells Cassidy that she's cooking dinner, and he wonders whatever happened to her plan to get revenge on Carlos. She says that it's been put on pause, and Cassidy says that he didn't tell Jesse about the two of them. Tulip says that Jesse would kill Cassidy if he knew, and Cassidy wonders why she made love to him if she's Jesse's girlfriend. She insists that they didn't make love, and confirms that Cassidy told Jesse that he's a vampire. Tulip doesn't believe him and says that Jesse wouldn't be okay with it. Cassidy is sure that Jesse wouldn't care because he's a preacher, but is forced to admit that he doesn't know much about Jesse. Irritated, Cassidy says that he knows some things that Tulip doesn't, like how Jesse has the Voice. Tulip insists that it won't work on her, and Cassidy says that she'd be surprised.

The Past

Tulip and Jesse are wrestling on the floor and Tulip finally pins Jesse. John comes in and they say that they have their homework finished. He tells them to do the dishes and leaves. As they wash the dishes, Jesse has tulip get some soap from the closet. She overhears John in the next room on the phone calling Social Services about her.

Later, Tulip gets into bed with Jesse and repeats their promise that they'd stay together until the end of the world. Jesse sleepily agrees and Tulip lies down next to him and looks up at the ceiling.

The next day, Social services comes to get Tulip. Jesse goes after them as they take Tulip to the car and says that they can't do it. John merely watches as the car drives off and Jesse runs after it until he falls behind. When he goes back to the church, Jesse tells John that Tulip was good. John says that Tulip is an O'Hare and there's always going to be trouble. Jesse walks in past him.

That night, Jesse prays to god to take care of Tulip... and kill his father and send him to Hell.


Emily is rehearsing a performance for the next sermon. She asks Jesse what he thinks, and he says that the performers should be more scared at the thought of an inferno behind them. He tells them to continue, and Emily has them start over. Odin comes in and asks to talk to Jesse. He says that he finished the model of the Alamo, and says that he's been too busy to come to church. Odin then talks about a slaughterhouse in the Moto Grasso, and admits that he's done a terrible thing. He tells Jesse that when he inherited the plant from his father, it was the largest company in Texas. Odin has neglected his birthright and let his family down, and Jesse says that with God it's never too late to make things right. Agreeing, Odin tosses a deed of transfer onto the table and says that it's all aboveboard, and tells Jesse to sign. Jesse points out that Odin lost the bet and left church a Christian, and Odin insists that he's no Christian. When Jesse refuses, Odin nods , says that he'll be back, and walks out.

Emily goes outside and finds Cassidy sitting on the step, smoking. She says that there are things she doesn't know about Jesse that would surprise her, and Cassidy agrees. He assures Emily that Jesse is a good man, and Emily says that dinner's on before going inside.

At dinner, Cassidy discusses The Big Lebowski. Tulip glances over at Jesse, and finally asks how the hash browns are. He doesn't respond, and Tulip says that she added vanilla extracted to them. She finally has enough and asks Jesse what's wrong, and he tells her not to bring it up. Tulip demands to know what's going on, just as Hugo comes in and asks if they've seen Eugene. The smoke alarm goes off as Tulip's food burns in the stove, and Emily points out that vanilla extract is flammable. As he goes, Hugo tells Jesse that Eugene said he was going to visit the preacher before church. Jesse says that he didn't see him, but Emily reminds him that he did. However, she says that she saw Eugene leave afterward, and Jesse agrees.

Jesse walks Hugo out and once the sheriff drives off, Cassidy hits him in the face with a fire extinguisher. He then asks how it's going, and Jesse says that he didn't mean to send Eugene to Hell. Cassidy asks what he's going to do about Eugene, and Jesse wonders what he can do. He says that Eugene wasn't that innocent, and confessed his love to Tracy. Instead of letting it go, Eugene got a shotgun and blew half of Tracy's head off and then turned it on himself. Cassidy warns Jesse that Genesis is playing with his head and he's lost control of it.Jesse insists that it's God's plan, and all he can do is step aside and watch Eugene burn. The vampire says that Tulip was right about Jesse, and says that he's no innocent, either. He tosses the fire extinguisher to Jesse and says that it's for him, takes off his sweater, and steps out into the sunshine. Cassidy starts to burn, screaming, as Jesse stares in shock.

Cassidy goes back to the kitchen and sits the fire extinguisher on the table, and then starts eating. Tulip asks if everything is all right, but Jesse doesn't answer her. Emily asks where Cassidy is, and Tulip repeats the question. After a moment, Jesse asks Tulip if she knows what Cassidy is. Tulip asks what he did to Cassidy, and figures that Jesse threw Cassidy out. When she says that his father would be proud, Jesse tells her not to talk about his father and asks what she knows about standards. He wonders what she's even doing there, and Tulip calls him a dick and walks out.

Emily tells Jesse that she's believed in him ever since he came back. Jesse tells her that was stupid and that she should go home, and she leaves.

The Past

John wakes Jesse up and tells him to hide under the bed. Jesse does so just as a man breaks in and beats John with a bat. Once John is down, the man walks to the bed and pulls Jesse out. Outside, the man puts a gun to John's head. John tells Jesse that he has to be one of the good guys because there's way too many of the bad, and Jesse promises. As Jesse says that he prayed for it to happen, the man shoots John in the head.


Jesse breaks open the floorboards and digs, screaming to Eugene to come back.

Odin leads his men, including Donnie, toward the church with a bulldozer.\

Written by Gadfly on Jul 11, 2016

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