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Beach Blanket Sting-O Recap

A man is running along the beach and comes to a woman kissing a man in the surf. He wonders what she's doing, and she says that she's making out with him, and realizes that the man she was mistakenly kissing is dead.

Angie, Jay, and baby Angie lead a SWAT assault on a suburban house. Pritkin calls and says that another body has washed up on the beach and he wants them there. At the beach, Monica is examining the dead man, Sir Nathan Handsome. The head lifeguard, Brad Wilson, comes over and points out that it's the 12th drowning that month. He blames it on the tides and says that there's nothing to be done, and Angie says that they're shutting down the beach.

Later, Mayor Joe Perry visits Pritkin, who explains that they want to close down every beach in the city. Perry points out that the beach makes up 95% of the city's revenue, and insists that they're keeping the beach open because he promised his brother he was going to take him to the beach. Out in the office, Jay tells Angie that he just got little Angie put down for a nap. Monica calls and Jay lies, saying that he's reading little Angie a book and will call back later. She says that they need to come down to the morgue right away.

In the morgue, Edelweiss is busy selling fruit when Angie and Jay come in. He and Monica tell Angie and Jay that the victim didn't drown because of the lack of water in Handsome's lungs. Handsome apparently died of a heart attack, despite the fact that he's 26. Monica checks the blood sample and detects a weight-loss drug that was outlawed in 1997 because of the dangerous side effects. All of the victims had the drug in their system, and Angie figures someone is selling the drug on the beach. The baby starts crying and Jay goes to check on him. Monica tells Angie to get over Jay and leaves.

Brad gives Danny a statement, and Danny tells him the victims OD'd on an illegal weight-loss drug. Danny closes the blinds and says that he has ways of getting the truth, and Brad insists that he's faced the ugliest things that the beach has to offer. With that, he swims out to the beach.

Later, Angie and the others tell Pritkin what they've learned. Danny figures that Brad knows more than he's saying, and Angie says that they need to get someone undercover with the lifeguards. Jay immediately volunteers, and Pritkin warns that he'll be giving up a baby and a love triangle. Despite that, Jay immediately leaves.

At the beach, Jay introduces himself to the other lifeguards. One of them, Wilhelm, check his papers and they pass, but Brad wonders if Jay has what it takes. He says that there's a man out in the surf who will drown in ten minutes, and a couple that are going to take glass bottles out of their cooler. Jay whistles the man in and tells the couple no glass is allowed on the beach, impressing Brad and the others.

That night, the lifeguards have a party and Brad introduces Jay to the others. He then talks to Jay privately and asks about his training regiment, and says that he needs to step it up a bit. They don't allow any fatties on the beach, and Brad offers Jay a weight-loss drug pill. The other lifeguards come over as Brad says that he's going to show Jay a world with no babies and no girlfriends. Monica calls Jay but he ignores it and swallows the pill, and Brad tells him to jump in the fire.

Later, Jay returns to the office and tells Pritkin and Danny that the lifeguards are dealing the drug on the beach. However, he points out that they don’t know how they're getting the drugs or who is running it, and Jay asks for a month to go in deep and figure out their operation. Pritkin reluctantly agrees.

Soon, Jay is taking more drugs and losing weight while getting evidence on the drug running operation. Angie comes to see him and says that Jay missed his last check-in, and suggests that they go back to the office to talk. Jay refuses, insisting the beach is his office, and he figures that she's jealous of him. Angie says that the operation is over, but Jay insists that on the beach he's free and doesn't have to lie to Monica about his feelings for Angie. While they argue, Brad watches from down the beach.

That night at the fire, Brad says that they have a traitor. As Jay starts to reach for his gun, two lifeguards drag in a dead Wilhelm and Brad explains that Wilhelm was actually with the secret police.

At the station, Angie tells Pritkin that Jay has gone native. Monica comes in and asks how Jay is doing, and Angie says that Jay is doing fine. The ME says that Angie might still have problems with her, but hopes that she'd tell her the truth. Pritkin tells Angie to coordinate with the Malibu police and take the lifeguards down. Angie tells Monica that she'll bring him back, and insists that what she and Jay had is over.

At the beach, Angie and the SWAT team move in. When Angie tells them that Jay is a cop, he insists that he isn't a cop. Brad takes out a gun and says that he's with the Malibu police, working undercover. All of the other lifeguards are undercover officers as well with various organizations. Jay says that he's the only drug-dealing lifeguard and makes a run for it, and Angie brings him down with a paddle and ball. She points out Monica and little Angie down the beach, and talks about how little Angie is wearing heavy clothing because he's insecure about his weight. Jay wonders what he's done, and Angie assures him that they can undo it. She gives him a chili dog and he goes over to hug their baby. Meanwhile, Hoffman comes over to dig up Danny when he realizes that he's buried himself too deep.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 12, 2016

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