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The Phantom Recap

In the pit, Todd screams at the other survivors, demanding that they get him out.. Danny tosses some food down to him and Todd begs him to let him out because there's something in the pit with him. When Danny refuses, Todd threatens to rip his arms off and calls him a rat. However, he then begs Danny to let him out as Danny walks off.

The Past

A young Owen finds his father packing to leave. He says that he and his wife are having some issues and he needs to move out for a while. Before he goes, Owen's father tells him that he should never stay in one place for too long. It's best that people keep on moving, because moving is living.


Owen sits on the beach when he sees something wash up.

At the camp, Steve leads the third island meeting since he's been elected leader. However, Danny spots Owen approaching with something and everyone runs over before Steve can finish. Owen shows them the large piece of cloth and says that they can use it as a sail to get home.

Pack makes his way through the jungle, starving. He sees two men dead on the ground and goes over to investigate. They've killed each other, and there's a can of Pringles nearby. Pack picks it up but discovers that it's empty, and figures that he's going to die there.

At the camp, Steve suggests to Owen that they use the tarp for shelter instead of a sail. Owen refuses to give up the tarp that he found, and Steve points out that he's in charge now. He's going to confiscate the tarp, and Owen says that they should ask everyone else. Only three people want to use the sail as a tarp, and Owen says that moving is living. Despite that, everyone else votes to use the tarp for shelter.

Todd is ranting when he hears someone above. Something falls into the pit and he screams.

As Jess and Florence gather supplies, Jess figures that she should see how Todd is doing. Florence advises her not to see her ex after a breakup. She says that Jess is way too good for Todd, and she should have rebound sex. Florence then tries to remember who played Kate Winslet's fiancé in Titanic. She can't, Jess can't, and when they run into Danny, he can't.

Todd cowers back from the pig that fell into the pit. When no one comes, Todd grabs a rock and prepares to kill the pig himself.

Danny finds Owen, who complains that the tarp belongs to him and he's trying to get people off the island. Despite that, Danny is bothered that he can't remember who played the fiancé and gets everyone together to figure it out. Owen goes along with him, saying that if they were home they could figure it out. No one can remember, and Owens says that they have to do something themselves to find out. He goes to work on his boat, and tells Danny that when the people want to leave, the tarp is as good as his. Steve comes over and says that the whole thing sounds silly. Owen wonders what they're going to forget next, and warns that they're one step away from apes. He insists that it's about their humanity and everyone else agrees.

The two "dead men", Gary and Jesse, speak up and tell Pack that he's in the hallucinating stage of starvation. They argue about who killed who until Pack tells them to stop. They explain that after the crash, food ran out five days ago and things went bad fast. They were trying to eat each other, and they point out that Pack is thinking about eating them.

Todd is unable to kill the pig, and finally gives it some of his food. He decides to name it Meat.

Steve approaches Owen as he works on his boat, and says that now everyone should get back to the shelter. Owen figures that Steve is worried that if people don’t think the island is livable, they'll want to use the tarp as a sail. He refuses to say if he knows the name of the actor or not, and Steve says that end it because he knows the actor. Steve doesn't, much to his irritation.

The survivors keep trying to work out the name, and Diane says that she can't remember what her dog smells like. Danny realizes that it's begun and everyone panics. Steve comes over and says that Owen knows the name. The survivors go to get it out of Owen except for Danny, who stares at them in horror.

After forming a mob, the survivors advance on Owen and demand the name of the actor. When Danny objects, they shove him aside. Owen insists that he doesn't know the name, and they tear apart his boat in revenge. Steve finally comes up and blames Owen, and suggests that they busy their minds building the shelter and let the answer come to them. If it doesn't work then they promise to come for Owen.

Todd tells Meat that he's not wired for monogamy. Someone moves up above and Todd warns Meat that if they found out about it then they'd eat him.

The two corpses argue about who Pack should eat first. Pack finally screams that he's not going to eat a person, and they tell him that it's the jungle and it's eat or be eaten. After a moment, Pack lunges for the corpses.

The survivors finish building the shelter and Steve points out that the tarp fits perfectly. Everyone cheers him, just as it rains. They go inside except for Owen. Danny goes over and asks if his friend is okay, but Owen just glares at Steve.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 13, 2016

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