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Hope Recap

Fifty-three days after the outbreak, Ronnie leaves his house and wraps up Eric's body in the back of his truck. He then drives to the survivalist compound where Renee lives and calls to her. Armed teenagers come out and Ronnie tells them that he has something for Renee. Their leader, Lamar, confirms that Eric's corpse is in the truck bed and orders Ronnie down on the floor. Renee comes out, looks at her brother's body, and breaks into tears.

At the medical center, Chuck is taking care of Jason while Adam is with Wiley as she wakes up. Liam confirms that she's feeling okay, and Wiley says that she's going to take Jason to the orphanage to see if she can find him some food. She tells Adam that she's going by herself because she needs some time with her son. Once Wiley leaves, Liam asks Adam what happened to Clarence. Adam only says that he's gone and wonders why Liam cares, and points out that four weeks ago Clarence said there was no cure and they all had to die. Now Liam is saying that there's a cure. When Liam says that Clarence was a good man, Adam tells him that he wasn't... and that's why he killed him.

Lamar and his people take Ronnie inside and demand answers. Ronnie finally tells them that the Mennonites found Eric dead and he's sure that they didn't kill the boy. Lamar is surprised to learn that Renee gave Ronnie a photo of Eric, and Renee tells Ronnie that he's done enough already. Renee walks off and Lamar goes after her, and wonders if she has something with Ronnie. She angrily denies it, but insists that Ronnie didn't kill Eric. Renee tells Lamar to get more eyes in Pretty Lake and he reluctantly goes to obey her.

At the teen house, Harrison goes out and ignores Frances when she asks what he's doing.

At the orphanage, Wiley hands Jason over. She winces in pain and Gord asks if she's okay. Wiley says that its nothing and points out that she needs formula for Jason, and Gord says that there may be a way with the Mennonites.

Liam insists that he and Clarence were working to find a cure, and the government shut them down and deleted their work to cover their tracks. They're helping Liam by bringing in h is equipment because if he succeeds, they're heroes. If he fails then he dies. Adam figures that Liam was working with Art Carey, and has Chuck lock Liam up.

At the bar, Stacey discovers that Mark is going out. He tells her that he can't deal with the guilt from killing Eric, and figures that someone else saw him. Stacey insists that no one else saw him and offers to help, but Mark says that they're stuck in the town and he has to get ahead of the situation and tell Renee the truth. She asks him to trust her and she'll ask around and see if anyone's heard anything.

Chuck suggests that they use Liam as collateral, but Adam points out that the Special Ops who came in to inject the kids were on a suicide mission and there is no vaccination. He points out that Ellen is the only one who survived past the age of 22, and she also worked with Art.

Wiley drives to the Mennonite community but she runs out of fuel on the road as it starts snowing.

At the orphanage, Gord looks at a dying potted plant. He suggests that they should grow a garden using small-scale farming, but Tracey isn't convinced even when Gord says that it would give the survivors hope.

As Frances walks down the street, someone takes a phot of her wearing the white-hand backpack that she took. Meanwhile, Frances finds Harrison bowling at the empty bowling alley. He remembers being there with his sister Samantha on his birthday and throwing a strike. Harrison does the same thing again and turns, but Samantha isn't there.

Wiley gets out with Jason and starts walking.

At the orphanage, Gord helps the children plant a garden and Stacey comes in and offers to help. She wonders what happened to the body, and Gord tells her that Ronnie is taking care of it.

Renee brings Ronnie some food and dismisses his guards, and says that she's the leader. She tells Ronnie that he can leave if he wants to, but warns that if he goes then he can't come back. Ronnie comes back and asks what the place is.

Harrison throws a basketball at the bowling pins as Frances comes in. He says that he doesn't need anyone checking up on him and he came there to have some fun, and Frances joins in. After goofing around for a while, they sit down and kiss for a moment. Harrison breaks into tears and says that it's his fault that Samantha is dead. Frances hugs him and says that everything will be okay.

Adam and Chuck go to the prison and gag on the rotting corpses. They find Ellen's corpse and Adam recovers her ID.

At the compound, Renee shows Ronnie around and tells him that she grew up there. Her father bought the place when she was a kid to take them off the grid, and they're self-sufficient. With her father dead, they follow Renee. Renee tells Ronnie that he'll have to earn his keep there and tells the boys at the metal shop to train him.

Chuck and Adam go to the prison office and the computer requires fingerprint verification to bring up Ellen's file. They drag Ellen's corpse in and cut off her hand with a meat cleaver, and then put it on the scanner. Once Adam is in the system, he determines the last place where Ellen logged in.

Wiley checks on Jason and realizes that he's unconscious.

Stacey returns and tells Mark that no one is asking about Eric. Mark wonders where the body is, and says that he's done hiding. Stacey draws a gun and says that she'll do what's right for them. Mark tells her to shoot and turns to go, and Stacey knocks him unconscious.

Wiley finally reaches the Mennonite farm and yells for help. John comes out with a rifle and says that he told them not to come back, and Wiley begs him to help Jason. The women come out and take Jason and Wiley inside.

Adam and Chuck find Ellen's office and use her severed hand to get inside. They find her laptop but all of the files are deleted. Adam figures that they cleaned the place, and says that Chuck is still acting like everything is normal. Chuck tells him that he'll never be the person who saves Wiley and says that he's done with it, and walks out.

Wiley wakes up and sees Helen breast-feeding Jason. She wonders how Wiley knew, and Wiley says that Gord told her that Helen lost a child recently.

Stacey goes back to the orphanage and watches as Gord shows the children how to plant seeds. She thanks him and he offers her a seed to plant, and Stacey joins in.

At the metal shop, Ronnie is working when Lamar comes over. He figures that Ronnie will stay and tells him to be careful of Renee because she's always looking for an angle. Lamar advises Ronnie to keep up and walks away.

John visits Wiley and says that she can't stay because they don't have enough food for her. He promises to take care of Jason but says that they will raise the baby in their ways.

Two of the survivalists drag Ronnie to Renee's quarters and leave. Renee kisses Ronnie and says that she doesn't have to do it, and Renee says that she isn't doing it for him as she shoves him onto the bed.

Chuck returns to the medical center at the same time that Wiley returns... without Jason. She tells Chuck that she left Jason with the Mennonites, and Chuck is ready to go get his brother back. Wiley says that it's done, and Chuck had his chance to help his brother and didn't. Liam asks Wiley to release him, and she demands the keys from Chuck. Disgusted, he tosses them to her and she frees Liam.

After sex, Renee takes Ronnie to the mess hall. She warns him that he has to earn his food, and Lamar has Ronnie sit at another table. Ronnie sits down and imagines Pat talking to him, warning that he'll have trouble earning anything. Meanwhile, a girl hands Renee a camera with photos of Frances wearing the backpack.

At the prison, Adam tries and fails to recover the files on the laptop. He finds a phone taped to the underside of Ellen's desk and turns it on, and finds Liam's name on the call log.

Mark wakes up and realizes that he's in a storage room at the bar. The door is locked, and Stacey yells through the door that she's not letting him out until Mark sees things her way. She says that it's about the two of them, and Mark warns someone is going to get hurt.

Liam does another ultrasound on Wiley and discovers that the tumor has all but disappeared.

Adam brings up the Internet on the phone and discovers that Liam has been named the chief researcher at Horatio Pharmaceuticals. The phone battery goes dead and Adam heads back to town.

Liam explains that the cure combined with the virus to create a stronger immune system. He warns that they only have 13 doses left and if he can convince the outside world that the drug works then he can save everyone. As Chuck prepares to get an injection, Wiley thanks Liam for saving her.

At the orphanage, Gord is serving the children when Harrison comes in. He says that Frances is outside, and Gord gives him some food before he goes to his sister. Gord admits that he didn't consider her side of things. Relieved, they hug and Gord invites Frances to come back home.

As Gord goes to get his stuff, Renee and Lamar pull up in a truck and grab Frances. As they demand to how she got Eric's backpack, Gord runs back and Renee draws a gun on him. The farmer insists that Frances had nothing to do with Eric's death, but Renee says that Frances is coming with them to answer their questions. Gord grabs for the gun and struggles with Renee and Lamar, and the gun goes off. The two survivalists drive off, and Frances realizes that Gord has been shot twice in the stomach.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 14, 2016

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