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Extraction Recap

At the clinic, Wiley, Adam, Chuck, and Liam hear gunshots.

Frances runs to Gord and tells him that he’ll be okay, as he coughs up blood. The others run out and Frances tells them what happened. They take Gord to the clinic and Liam checks for exit wounds. Once he confirms that the bullets are inside of Gord, he prepares to operate. Meanwhile, Gord tells Frances that she needs to be strong and then dies as his sister begs him to wake up.

At the survivalist compound, Ronnie gets some food.

Chuck covers over Gord’s body.

Frances sits in the hallway, crying.

Mark pounds on the door of the bar closet while Stacey listens outside.

Liam receives a message that he’s been compromised, and gets coordinates for the extraction point.

Wiley is looking at a photo of Jason on her phone, while Chuck stares at his bloody hands.

Adam confronts Liam, gun at the ready, and demands to know why his name showed up on Ellen’s sat phone. Wiley comes out and tells Adam to put the gun down, but he refuses asks Liam what he wants from them. Liam tells Adam to put the gun down.

Ronnie is sitting alone when Renee walks past. He asks her where she’s been, and she tells him to mind his own business. Once she walks by, Lamar comes up and reminds Ronnie that he said Re3nee can’t be trusted. Meanwhile, Renee goes into her quarters and Ronnie follows her. She says that she went into Pretty Lake, but tells Ronnie that he doesn’t matter there. When Ronnie considers hitting her, Jim appears and tells his brother to walk away. Renee tells Ronnie to go because she’s done with him, and after a moment he walks out.

Liam admits that he works for Horatio, doing contract work. Chuck comes out as Liam realizes that Adam turned on Ellen’s sat phone. He says that Adam has set things in motion that he can’t understand, and explains that he can only reach his handlers at Horatio via his sat phone. Liam goes back to the lab and says that he now has less than 24 hours to find someone turning 22 so that he can prove the cure works. He insists that he’s telling the truth, and Wiley finally tells Adam that they don’t have any other choice and no one put Adam in charge. She asks Liam how they can help, Chuck agrees with Wiley, and after a moment Adam lowers the gun and walks out.

The next day at the orphanage, Frances is looking at Gord’s garden when she sees a security camera outside above where Gord was shot. She calls to Harrison and they examine the camera, and Frances figures that they can use it to learn who is responsible for what happened and where the bag came from.

Stacey tells Mark that he’s not thinking clearly, and insists that they have something together. Mark insists that he knows what he’s doing, but Stacey refuses to lose him because he’s all that she has.

Frances and Harrison find Tracey and have her unlock the camera room. Harrison plays the video back and Tracey recognizes Renee from when she was at her house with Ronnie. He replays the video further and they spot Mark taking the wagon with Eric’s food.

Liam and Wiley go to the public records office to check the records and find someone turning 22.

At the compound, Renee goes to a cargo container and unlocks the door. Ronnie watches her from a distance as she goes inside and closes the door behind her.

Harrison, Tracey, and Frances go to the bar and Stacey tells them that Mark isn’t there. She claims that she hasn’t seen him in a while, but Harrison doesn’t believe her and sees his coat nearby. When he prepares to search the back, Stacey insists that no one is going back there. Mark yells and the trio walks past her.

Chuck goes home and imagines his father taunting him about failing. He finally takes out a bottle of alcohol and starts drinking.

As they search the files, Wiley tries to make small talk. They finally find two possible survivors: Michael Clark and Renee Tofoli. Michael is closer and they go to find him.

Ronnie enters the container and finds Renee eating some stored food. She says that she’ll let him in on it if he keeps his mouth shut, and they kiss. Renee apologizes for her comments earlier, claiming that she’s messed up, and Ronnie shoves her back, goes outside, and locks the door. Pat is watching and asks if they’re going to talk about what’s happening, and Ronnie walks away.

Mark explains that he dropped the backpack of food at the orphanage, and says that he can make it right. Tracey says that she knows where the survivalists went, but makes them promise that Ronnie won’t get hurt. Harrison insists on going with Mark, but Tracey says that he needs to guard Frances in case the survivalists come back.

Chuck continues drinking and watches video of his family before they died. He then tries to walk but passes out and collapse on to a glass table, shattering it.

Adam returns to the lab and records video of himself saying that it will be his last day in Pretty Lake.

Wiley and Liam arrive at Michael’s house and discover that he just died. They have eight hours to find Renee. Liam says that he can’t let it happen again and Wiley wonders what he’s talking about.

Renee paces inside the container and takes a drink of alcohol.

Ronnie finds Lamar and tells him what he’s discovered, Lamar warns that is’ exile or death for Renee, but Ronnie insists that they have to stop her.

Liam tells Wiley that it’s happened before during an experiment in Nigeria with a similar pathogen. Before he joined Horatio, Liam contained problems but this time the virus did the opposite of what was intended. Everyone in Nigeria died.

Renee and Lamar go to the canister and let her out. Lamar confirms that Renee has been secretly hoarding food, and Ronnie locks her back up inside. He then tells Lamar that there’s something else they can do than tell the others.

Frances shows Harrison how to shoot a rifle, and says that Gord taught her

Wiley and Liam drive to Renee’s address and find themselves at the compound. As they prepare to get out, Liam suggests that they have coffee if they get out of Pretty Lake. As she agrees, the survivalists surround the car, guns ready, and order them out.

Adam makes a video of everything that has happened in Pretty Lake since the outbreak began, and says that the government lied to them and cut off their food and communications. He insists that they won’t be forgotten.

Wiley tells Lamar and Ronnie that everyone’s life depends on finding Renee. Ronnie asks why they’re there, and Wiley considers what to say next.

Frances and Harrison head into the woods.

Inside, Wily says that Renee will die if they don’t’ give her the cure. Lamar thinks that it’s a government trick, but Wiley says that the cure worked on her. Ronnie wants an injection of the cure before he shows them Renee. Once Liam and Wiley agree, Ronnie goes to the container and tells Renee that she’s going to hand over power to him. When she wonders why she would do that, Ronnie says that he knows it’s her birthday and he can save her life.

Lamar calls the survivors together and tells them that Renee has been hoarding food. Ronnie says that Renee has realized the mistake that she made, and Renee agrees. She says that she’s leaving the community until they decide otherwise, and Ronnie and Lamar will be their leader. She walks off and Wiley and Liam follow her.

Mark sets up a sniper post outside of the compound and prepares to shoot Renee as she comes out. He spots Frances and Harrison sneaking in, and reluctantly fires a shot into the air to drive them off. Liam and Wiley get Renee to the car and drive off.

In the woods, Mark confronts Frances and Harrison. He says that he was going to take care of Renee, and wonders if Gord would want her to kill someone. Angry, Mark orders them to his car.

Ronnie injects himself with the cure while Pat watches, and Pat says that he took it from Wiley and Renee. He insists that Renee was good for the people and Ronnie screwed up, and says that Ronnie has to make it right. Ronnie tells him to shut up, but Pat says that he’s a selfish dick and no one in the family trusted him. Pat just laughs and tells Ronnie to hit him. As Ronnie runs around punching and screaming, Lamar comes in.

Liam and Wiley take Renee to the lab and find Adam there. Adam says that he was wrong and apologizes to Liam. He says that he went through Liam’s research and it all makes sense, and it’s their only help. Adam asks how he can help, and Liam asks him to take a box to his car. As he goes, Renee says that it’s her birthday and Adam realizes that Liam is giving her the cure. Once he leaves, Liam injects Renee.

Mark takes Harrison and Frances to the orphanage and tells Stacey and Tracey what happened. The kids insist that they had it under control and leave.

Liam tells Renee that they wait to see if she survives. He then tells Wiley that he has to go to the extraction point, and if they see anyone else with him then they’ll shoot to kill. Liam gives Wiley his sat phone and asks her to keep his vials back. If Renee survives then he’ll come back and get them out. Wiley kisses him briefly and Liam leaves.

Ronnie and Lamar show the survivors the hoarded food.

Frances tells Harrison that she wants revenge, but probably couldn’t pull the trigger. Tracey joins them and asks if France is okay, and Harrison suggests that they go to the clinic and pay their respects. The others agree and leave.

As Wiley and Renee wait, Wiley asks what happened with Ronnie. Renee tells her to stay out of her business, and a disgusted Wiley walks out. Out in the hall, Wiley sees Frances and the others. They see the case of vials and Wiley confirms that it’s safe, and they have her inject them. Frances then goes to Gord’s body, and Harrison and Tracey join her. The girl asks for some time alone with her brother, and the others head back to the orphanage.

Renee comes out and sees Frances, and Frances draws her gun. She says that Renee deserves to die for killing Gord, and Renee grabs her. They struggle for the gun and it goes off, hitting Renee. Frances drops the gun and walks off.

At the compound, Ronnie eats with Lamar. Lamar finally asks who Ronnie was talking to earlier, but Ronnie refuses to discuss it. He says that things will be different now, and Lamar just stares at him.

Frances returns to the orphanage and Harrison realizes that something is wrong. He asks Frances if she’s okay, and she says that she isn’t.

Wiley returns to the lab and sees Renee on the floor.

Liam drives to the extraction point.

Chuck lies in a pool of blood.

A hooded figure arrives at the gate and gets into the waiting van.

Wiley helps Renee into the lab.

Once the extraction van drives off, Liam pounds on the lid of the locked trunk.

In the can, Adam wears a gas mask to conceal his face and figures that it’s time to make things right.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 16, 2016

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