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Horatio Rising Recap

A few minutes earlier

Adam comes up behind Liam in the car and orders him out of the car at gunpoint. Liam insists that he has to get out so he can save everyone in Pretty Lake, but Adam insists that if Liam leaves with the research then Horatio will have exactly what it needs. He repeats his order and Liam reluctantly gets in the trunk.


Adam tells the driver to pull over because he has to throw up. The driver says that his orders aren’t to stop before they reach decontamination. However, when Adam threatens to remove his mask, the driver quickly pulls over. Once he’s out, Adam draws his gun on the driver and orders him out. He has the driver handcuff himself to a tree and then drives off in the extraction van.

Soon, Adam is walking down a city street.

At the Lotts house in Pretty Lake, Chuck wakes up and realizes what happened. He crawls out of the glass and showers the blood off of himself.

At the medical center, Tracey and Wiley watch the unconscious Renee. Tracey figures that Renee is as good as dead after the gunshot wound, but Wiley points out that the bleeding has stopped and the wound is healing. She figures that Liam’s cure is responsible, and points out that Renee is a half day past 22. Tracey insists that Liam isn’t coming back to help them, and blames Mark because he’s the one who killed Eric. Wiley wonders what she means, and Tracey explains that Eric was Renee’s brother.

At the orphanage, Frances is playing a piano when Mark comes in. He’[s worked out Frances is the one who shot Renee, and describes how he ended up shooting his father when the man beat Mark and Mark and his mother. He says that afterward, he would have done anything to take it back. Frances says that she didn’t mean to do it, and Mark her that Renee is alive and holding on.

Ronnie wakes up in the bedroom at the Horde compound and looks at himself in the mirror. The cuts on his face from the previous day have healed. Pat appears and suggests that Ronnie is losing his mind from stress and guilt, and then disappears.

Adam goes into a coffee shop past a security camera, sits down, and sends a coded message to a fellow hacker, Daisy Liu. She responds saying to meet her at her bike shop just as a man, Dexter Crane, enters the coffee shop and looks around.

Frances goes to the medical center and asks to talk to the unconscious Renee. She apologizes and says that she’s going to say a prayer for her, just as the sat phone rings. Wiley answers it, assuming that it’s Liam, and Dexter asks who she is. He asks where Liam is, and hangs up when Wiley doesn’t answer his question.

Adam shows Daisy the video that he made of the government actions at Pretty Lake. He assures her that she isn’t contagious, but Daisy doesn’t believe it and admits she only agreed to see him because she thought he was still in Franklin. She demands proof that Adam isn’t contagious, and Adam says that she has to trust her.

Minister Miller calls Dexter at Horatio Pharmaceutical HQ and demands an explanation about the extraction. She points out that any further complications and she would handle things her way, and Dexter warns that they’re close to finding a cure and government efforts would complicate things. Miller isn’t convinced and says that her cooperation ends now. Once she hangs up. Dexter tells his people to find out what happened to Liam.

Wiley gets the extraction coordinates from Liam’s sat phone and figures that’s where she should start looking for him.

Adam asks Daisy to get him the proof that Horatio and the government are working together. She figures Adam already tried and failed to hack the government, and Daisy insists that it isn’t her problem. He finally guilts her into doing it.

Dexter’s man Brooks drives to the road and finds the driver. After the driver explains what happens, Brooks shoots him dead and leaves.

Daisy hacks the Horatio computers.

At Horatio, an IT guy picks up Daisy’s hack and calls over his supervisor. He tracks the breach to Daisy’s hop.

Daisy brings up the correspondence between Dexter and Miller concerning Liam, and warns Adam that it’s scary stuff.

At the compound, Ronnie tells the cook Rick to make some stew for him and not the others.

The IT tech tells Dexter the location of the hack. He then calls Brooks and sends him to the address.

Adam makes contact with Miller and says that he wants to talk to her privately about Horatio. He sends her emails proving her connection to the murder of the people of Pretty Lake. Adam tells her to tell the world what she’s done and save the Pretty Lake survivors. Miller says that it’s over and she’s ordered the survivor’s extermination, and she‘d rather exterminate the disease than risk exposure. She warns Adam that the cure is a pipe dream and insists that she has no choice. Once she breaks the connection, Adam tells Daisy that they have to stop the government.

Wiley drives to the coordinates and hears Liam in the trunk. She lets him out and he explains that Adam got out.

Adam figures that they have to go public, but Daisy warns that by the time the news has verified any story they give them, it will be too late. He suggests that they go to Horatio, figuring that they have as much to use as anyone and they have connections in the government. Adam gets Daisy’s phone and leaves.

Liam tells Wiley that Adam knew that once Liam left Pretty Lake, the survivors would die without their human experiment. He’s surprised to learn that Renee survived, and warns that Adam has all of his research. If Horatio gets hold of that then they have everything they need to move forward, and Adam has no idea what he’s up again. Wiley realizes that only the drug trials mattered, but Liam insists that he thought if he could get concrete evidence then the government would let the survivors go. However, he admits that they’ve already made up their minds to kill the survivors. Adam calls and talks to Wiley.

Back at the bike shop, Brooks comes in and claims that he’s a policeman. He says that they have reports of corporate espionage by a violent anarchist group. Daisy says that he’ll need a warrant to check her computers, and Brooks goes for his gun. Daisy runs and by the time Brooks gets outside after her, she’s disappeared. He calls to have someone track her.

Adam confirms that Wiley has a gun with her, and tells her to get out of the car. When Liam tries to stop her, Wiley draws the gun on her and says that Renee lived and the cure works. Adam tells her to inoculate as many people as possible, including Jason, and get them to the gate where she found Liam, and he’ll be there at 3 p.m. He admits that they might still need Liam but tells her to shoot him if he doesn’t cooperate.

Wiley takes Liam to an abandoned building and ties him up. He says that he’ll die without his injections and she points out that he injected himself with the cure so he’s immune, and then leaves.

Ronnie is eating when Lamar comes over and asks what he’s doing getting special meals. When Lamar objects, Ronnie says that’s how the Horde will operate under his leadership.

Wiley returns to the center and discovers that Renee is gone. Tracey says that she went to check on the kids and Renee left, and took the vials of the cure with her.

Adam calls Dexter and identifies himself, and then says that he has all of Liam’s research. He offers it in return for Dexter using his influence to stop Miller from exterminating the survivors. As they talk, Dexter traces the call and insists that they’ve done nothing wrong. He hangs up once he has the trace, and Adam goes to the bike shop. Daisy sends a text message with a rendezvous location, and Adam heads out.

Wiley explains Adam’s plan to Tracey and Chuck.

Adam goes to the theater rendezvous and tells Daisy that he needs her to get back into the Horatio system. Daisy says that someone tried to kill her and she’s out, and walks away.

At the compound, Lamar returns to his quarters and finds Renee waiting for him with a gun. She shows him the vials and says that it’s the cure. If Lamar helps her take control of the Horde again then she’ll give him one of the vials.

Miller calls and confirms that the soldiers are receiving the inoculations, and will be ready by the next afternoon.

Wiley, Chuck, and Tracey call Mark and Stacey in and explain the situation. Mark figures that they should kill Renee from a distance and get the vials back, and Chuck agrees. Wiley points out that they’re outnumbered, and she wants to talk to Renee and point out that they saved her life. Chuck agrees with her and Wiley says that he’ll find Jason if things go bad. Meanwhile, Tracey will make sure Frances and Harrison are at the orphanage when they come back.

Renee gives Lamar and some of the guards injections and warns that the survivors will come for the cure.

At the orphanage, Tracey asks Stacey what they’re going to do with the other kids because there aren’t enough vials. Stacey points out that they’ll die anyway when the food runs out, and that they don’t have a choice. Tracey insists that they always have a choice.

Brooks goes to the theater and finds Adam’s phone, with a message saying that he’s one step ahead of him.

At an Internet café, Adam sends a URL to Dexter. When he checks it, he finds a video of Liam confessing Horatio’s involvement. Adam then texts Dexter and asks if he wants to talk now.

Renee and her men confront Ronnie. Lamar tells Ronnie that Renee is in charge now, and Renee has Ronnie locked up.

At the orphanage, Harrison and Frances wait for the others. Frances remembers Gord taking her to a water park, and says that the thought of them keeps her going. Harrison wonders where they’ll go once they escape, and admits that he doesn’t have any relatives. Frances suggests that he come live with her.

Wiley and Chuck park near the compound and she tells him to leave if she’s not back in 25 minutes.

Dexter takes Adam’s call and Adam tells him to stop the extermination of Pretty Lake and get anyone cured out of town. Dexter asks for proof that Adam has Liam’s research, and demands all of the research. When Adam refuses to give up his leverage, Dexter hang sup.

The guards escort Wiley to Renee and she asks for the vials.

Daisy is heading down the street when Brook shoots her. A bus passes and when it’s gone, Daisy is gone as well.

Renee refuses to hand over the vials, and figures that they only saved her because they needed proof that the cure worked. Wiley says that she has a son and the cure is for her, and all she needs if vie vials. Renee agrees to give her three, and Wiley has no choice but to accept. A guard brings Mark in and says that he was preparing to shoot them from the hills. Wiley insists that she had nothing to do with it, but Renee doesn’t believe her and has them both locked up.

Brook pulls up to Adam and orders him in at gunpoint. Dexter is inside and tells Adam to hand over the research.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 17, 2016

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