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Don't Look Back Recap

Dexter demands Liam’s information, and Adam tells him that the USB key is hidden in his sock. He takes it out and hands it to Dexter, who plugs it into his laptop. It immediately sends an email to the three major networks that Horatio has developed a SARS cure but is delaying its release. A call confirms in and Dexter tells his people to deal with it. Adam warns that there’s worse to come if Horatio doesn’t save Pretty Lake.

As the Horde guards take Wiley and Mark inside, Wiley insists that she didn’t know Mark was outside. Renee doesn’t believe her and tells her people to tighten security. The guards lock them up and Ronnie steps up and asks about the extraction.

Stacey pulls up to where Chuck is waiting and explains that Mark came out to the compound. The Horde guards open fire on them and they quickly drive off.

Wiley and Mark explain the plan and how Mark screwed it up. Ronnie says that it’s over because Renee will never believe them, and there’s nothing else she needs. Wiley says that Renee still wants to know who killed Eric.

At Dexter’s office, Dexter claims that he can’t reach Miller and the troops are mobilizing. He insists that if Adam destroys Liam’s research then he could put the entire planet at risk, and Adam says that he’ll release the cure to every lab so that they can mass-produce it. He figures that Horatio wants the cure to be a proprietary formula, and Dexter warns that it may not be ready yet. The CEO says that all he can do is promise to get Adam’s cured friends out if Adam hands over Liam’s research.

Ronnie and Mark fight, and Ronnie yells that he has Eric’s killer. He puts a knife to Mark’s throat just as Renee comes in, and tells her that Mark murdered her brother. Mark explains Eric came at him with a knife and he fell on the knife. Renee tells him that he’s going to pay, and Ronnie begs her to let him kill Mark and make things right. Renee yells at him to stop, and Ronnie shoves Mark at Renee. He grabs her and holds the knife to her throat, andforces the guards to drop their weapons. They lock them up and go to get the vials.

Lamar is preparing to give more of his people the cure when Ronnie and the others arrive and order him to stop. He gives Wiley the remaining vials and tells her to give the cure to Jason, and hands her the keys to his truck. As for Ronnie, he says that he has some unfinished business there. Once Wiley and Mark leave, Ronnie has Renee join the others. She asks how he sees it playing out, and Ronnie tells everyone to leave except Renee. Once they go, Ronnie hands Renee the rifle and says that in spite of everything, he still likes her. Renee takes the gun and wonders what they do next, and Ronnie suggests that they get out together. He explains the extraction plan and asks if she’s coming with him or not.

Wiley drives to the Mennoite farm and goes into the house. She finds Jason and takes him out to the truck, and John and Helen find her. John says that she can’t take Jason, and tells Helen to leave it to him when she objects.

Chuck tells Tracey that they had to leave Wiley at the compound, and they have to go. Tracey refuses to abandon the children, insisting their lives are just as important as hers.

John tells Wiley to give him Jason, and she says that she has a choice now. When Wiley says that John will have to kill her to get Jason back, he prepares to shoot. Helen stops her husband, saying that they have no right to separate a mother from her child. She kisses Jason goodbye and walks off, crying. Wiley goes to the truck, gives Jason the infection, and drives back to Pretty Lake.

Stacey finds Mark at the bar and he says that they got the vials. He claims that he already took an injection and gives Stacey hers.

Chuck waits at the gate with Frances and Harrison. Mark and Stacey arrive, and Mark tells Stacey that he can’t leave. He admits that he didn’t inject himself, and insists that Stacey has to go without him. They kiss and Mark assures her that they’re still doing it together. She’ll get help and he’ll be waiting for her.

A Horatio driver goes to the extraction point, while Adam and Dexter watch via webcam. The driver shoots the guard at the roadblock and drags him out of the way.

Mark watches the group as they wait, covering them with a rifle. Ronnie, Lamar, Renee, and the inoculated Horde guards arrive. Renee sees Frances and assures her that she’s not going to hurt her anymore, and asks to talk to her privately. Frances agrees and they step off to the side. Renee says that an apology won’t make a differences, and Frances apologizes for what she did. They agree that getting out and living when their brothers are dead doesn’t feel right, and go back to the others.

The Horatio driver backs up to the gate and opens it, and Adam wonders where Wiley is. The driver confirms that they’re inoculated, and Adam warns that if they leave without Wiley then Dexter will get nothing. Dexter points out that every time they wait endangers everyone in the van.

Chuck asks the driver to wait a few more minutes for Wiley, but he refuses and Chuck get sin. As they driver pulls out and the gate closes behind him, Wiley arrives but the driver keeps going. Dexter tells the driver to go back, and he does so. He confirms that Wiley and Jason are both inoculated and she gets into the van. It drives off as Mark watches. Ronnie asks what happened to his sister Tracey, and Stacey tells him that she stayed behind.

The group is taken to a Horatio offsite testing facility. Dexter tells Adam that he’s done his part and wants the info, and Adam tells him that it’s on Dexter’s laptop. Once Dexter confirms that the information is there, he says that his team has to verify that it’s valid before Adam can see his friends. He has Brooks take Adam out.

The group is taken to a waiting room and Dexter talks to them via webcam. He says that Liam’s clinical trial was successful and they’re no longer contagious. However, they can’t release them until they have absolute prove that they have no trace of the virus. He says that they should be able to release them soon after they perform some routine tests, and they’ll be called in for individual consults. The doctors come in and refuse to say if they’ve seen Adam.

The doctors examine Frances and Harrison, and Harrison refuses to cooperate at first. Frances says that it’s fine, but Harrison still refuses to cooperate and the orderlies strap him to a table. The doctor confirms that he’s a diabetic according to the files but no longer is because of the cure.

Later, the doctor runs a MRI scan on Renee to check the healed gunshot wound. She takes a biopsy sample and then places Renee in the scanner.

Adam demands to see Wiley, and Dexter says that his scientists have verified the cure works. He claims that he’s convinced Miller that Adam will make things difficult for them if she proceeded, and they can produce the cure in six months. Miller will administer it to everyone at Pretty Lake and be lauded as a hero. Dexter offers his hand and Adam shakes. As Dexter calls for Brooks to take Adam to his friends, Adam asks if the death and destruction was worth it. Dexter says that they were merely asked to find a solution to a population control experiment gone wrong, but Adam doesn’t believe it.

When Dexter gets the test results from Wiley, he calls the doctor in charge. She confirms that Wiley and Chuck healed their injuries thanks to the cure, and Dexter tells her to move onto the next protocol.. When the doctor worries if they can survive it, Dexter assures her that they can and there’s only one way to find out.

After Wiley checks on Jason, she tells Chuck that the place doesn’t feel right. She wonders if Horatio will let them go, and Chuck figures that if they wanted them dead, they would have killed them already. The doctor brings in IV bags and says that they’ve tested negative and can leave that afternoon. She then administers the IVs, claiming that it’s a precautionary anti-viral course, and leaves. As Chuck and Wiley wonder where they should go next, they pass out as the IV fluid starts to burn.

Adam arrives a short time later, and finds the inoculated survivors unconscious in the main room. He wakes Wiley up and the others wake up as well. Dexter comes on the monitor and says that they’re all in perfect health. He says that they’re working on production of a cure and will have it finished in six months. Until then, the government won’t go through the with the extermination of the other Pretty Lake survivors. Dexter says that the survivors will get supplies thanks to Adam’s threatened blackmail. He then says that the government doesn’t know that they’ve escaped, and they’d be in grave danger if it did. For the next six months, their identities must remain hidden until Horatio can convince the government that the cure works. The inoculations had tracers in them, and Horatio can track their movement. The company has provided them files on their new identities, and Dexter warns that if they reveal their true identities then they risk the lives of everyone in Pretty Lake. He gives them one hour to leave the facility and enter their new lives.

Wiley wonders if they can believe Dexter, and Adam admits that they can’t afford not to. He figures that if gets the cure to the others faster, they don’t have a choice. The others go to the garage, and Frances and Harrison compare notes. They agree that they’ll keep in touch and see each other in six months. Meanwhile,Ronnie asks Stacey if she’s okay. He points out that she’s not the only one who left someone behind in Pretty Lake, and Stacey tells him that he left Tracey behind a long time ago.

As the others say their goodbyes, Chuck says goodbye to his brother Jason and holds him for a moment before giving him back to Wiley. Wiley assures him that it’ll be okay, and they hug before Chuck drives off.

At the orphanage, Tracey tends to the children.

Outside the fence, the soldiers drive off.

Inside, Liam escapes his ropes and watches as the military helicopters fly away.

Adam and Wiley discuss the situation, and they figure that there’s one thing they can do to ensure the survivors’ lives. Adam then calls Daisy and tells her to release everything.

Soon, Adam’s video goes viral and the soldiers wonder what to do. The general in charge would rather face treason than war crime charges, and calls Miller. Miller orders them to proceed, but the general refuses and hang sup. She calls Dexter and says that he’s violated their agreement, and Dexter promises that Adam will pay. However, Miller isn’t convinced and says that Dexter is on his own. She then kills herself.

After Miller’s death, the government restores contact with the survivors in the face of worldwide outrage. Horatio has issued a statement saying that they had the cure all along, but Miller’s government suppressed. Mark and Tracey watch the newscast, and hope that the others are okay. Tracey calls Ronnie but his number is disconnected.

Six Months Later

On the day before the cure is to be released, Adam and Wiley are shopping with Jason. Adam notices a woman apparently staring at them, but Wiley says that he’s being paranoid. He figures that people will hate them for leaving Pretty Lake, but Wiley assures him that it’s worth it if the others are cured. A woman collapses, coughing up bile, and Adam figures that Horatio has released the virus because they’re the only ones who have the cure.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 17, 2016

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