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El Valero Recap

The Past

Odin's family takes a gondola up to the top of the mountain to ski. As they near the top, the cable snaps and they fall to their deaths.

Odin calls John from his office and says that something terrible has happened and he needs to come. A man comes in and sees crates all over the office, and wonders what Odin has done.

Later, John arrives and Odin says that they've been lied to all the time. The preacher says that he's lost his family and Odin holds up a handful of intestines, and asks which are his daughter and which are the cow. He says that there's no difference and it's all meet, and John needs to stand in church and denounce God. John says that's enough and goes out in the hall where a young Jesse waits. As they go, Odin screams that John needs to denounce God.


At the church, the Meat Men break in and look around for Jesse. Jesse attacks them and a minute later, the Meat Men shuffle out. Donnie asks what happens, and the leader explains that Jesse came out of nowhere and took them down. He didn't say anything, and he took all of their weapons.

In the church, Jesse sits next to the weapons, takes a drink, and asks God to bring Eugene back in return for his promise that he'll never use the Voice again. He hears someone in the hole and goes over, and pulls Eugene up. Relieved, Jesse hugs the shocked boy. Eugene wonders if it's a trick and says that they try to trick people, and starts vomiting. Jesse says that Hugo has been real worried about him, and Eugene asks the preacher not to call his father yet.

When Jesse returns with water from kitchen, he gives some to Eugene. Eugene finishes off three glasses, and Jesse asks him what happened. The boy says that Jesse called him with the Voice and he started digging his way out. Jesse wonders what Hell was like, and Eugene just says that it's crowded. He doesn't want to talk about it anymore, and Jesse says that they have to call Hugo.

Outside, Odin plans where he's going to lay out the new plant. He warns that there won't be anything for anyone until they drag Jesse out of the church.

Jesse calls Hugo and then tells Eugene that the sheriff is on his way. He then tells Eugene that he was right and it's for God to judge him. Jesse admits that the Voice is cheating, and people want to choose. He looks outside and sees the Meat Men approaches, and figures that he should give the Voice back because he can't be trusted with it. Eugene asks if the guys at the motel should take it back, and Jesse points out that he never told him about Fiore and DeBlanc. He realizes that Eugene isn't really there, and "Eugene" says that maybe they'll figure something out.

Tulip goes to the pound and looks at the dogs. She finds one, Brewski, and tells the pound keeper that she'll take him.

Emily is in her room drying her hair when Miles arrives. She comes out and Miles said that he came by to check on her. he tells her that Jesse gave the church to Odin, and Odin is tearing it down. Miles insists that it's binding, and Emily prepares to go to the church. He warns that it's a god idea and insists that she can drive herself, and asks him to drive her kids to school.

Jesse prepares Molotov cocktails.

Donnie orders his men to attack the church and they charge forward. Jesse starts shooting over their head from the belfry, hitting their weapons, and they quickly retreat. When the bulldozer keeps coming, Jesse tosses a Molotov cocktail at it and the driver runs as it explodes. Clive charges forward, and a shot rings out. Meanwhile, Odin yells at his men to go back, saying that Jesse is a preacher and won't hurt anyone. Clive wanders back and the men cheer... until Clive tells them that Jesse shot his penis off. Hugo pulls up and asks Odin what's going on. Odin says that Jesse has lost his mind, and Hugo says that Jesse called and said Eugene was there. Jesse calls out over the loudspeaker and tells them to bring him the agents, and Hugo knows who he means.

Soon, Fiore and DeBlanc arrive dragging a trunk behind them. Jesse uses the Voice and orders them to come in.

Down the road, Odin and his men wait. Hugo tells Odin that he doesn't want Eugene being caught in the crossfire, and they should leave it to the professionals. The sheriff talks about how he couldn't get by without Eugene, and Odin says that he'd figure it out. Hugo says that the church is holy ground, and Odin tells him that it's a lie and he's going to ground it down to dust.

Inside the church, Jesse says that it was an accident and he should have listened. He asks if they can help them, and Jesse realizes that he's the only one who can see Eugene. Fiore admits that there is a way to bring someone back to Hell, and DeBlanc warns that it's dangerous… and no one's getting out until they get what they claimed for.

Emily and Miles watch the EMTs take Clive away, and Emily insists that Jesse is just defending his property. Miles warns that it's legal and points out that the town is dying because the meat plant is dying. What Odin builds on the church grounds will save the town, and Miles insists that sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the good of the community. He says that they all have to choose between the fantasy or the reality, and the church is a fantasy.

Tulip plays with Brewski, tossing him a dog over and over again.

The angels prepare to sing Genesis out of Jesse, and say that the other people the Voice choose exploded. Jesse wonders what else is going on that they don't know, but the angels don't care. He wonders if God wants him using the Voice to help people, and DeBlanc asks him what good he's done with Genesis. Jesse doesn't have an answer for him, and he lies down so that they can begin singing.

More townspeople gather outside the church, setting up cookers and drinking beer. Odin finally tells his people that if Fiore and DeBlanc don't get Jesse out in a few minutes, they're going in. While he lays out his attack plan, Donnie looks over at his wife Bonnie, who waves to him. He goes to his car, opens the trunk, and takes off his reenactment weapon. Donnie then closes the trunk over his head and fires a shot.

DeBlanc sings but Genesis doesn't enter the coffee can. Noting happens, and DeBlanc tells Jesse that he's just a speck of dust and he has to give it up. The angels start again and... something happens. DeBlanc grabs the can and they figure that it worked. Jesse asks if they're going to get Eugene out of Hell. When the angels prepare to leave, Jesse says that they had a deal and Eugene needs help. Jesse demands to talk to someone who knows, and Genesis flies out of the can and back into Jesse. The angels figure that they have to go with the option. When Jesse asks them to try again, DeBlanc says that there's no more trying and leaves with Fiore. Jesse tries to figure something out and realizes that Eugene is gone.

As night falls, Jesse sits while the Meat Men open fire on the church. Outside, the townspeople watch with Odin. After a moment, Jesse returns fire and the Meat Men retreat. As he takes a drink, Donnie comes in holding a gun. Jesse aims his gun at him and tells Donnie to put the gun down. When he uses the Voice, Donnie keeps coming and reveals that he burst his eardrums. Jesse lowers his gun and tells Donnie to shoot, saying that they both earned it. Donnie pistol-whips him unconscious.

Later, Odin and his men enter the church. When Jesse wakes up, Odin says that in the end, the Alamo's defenders lost. Jesse signs the papers and wonders what happened. Odin says that he is serving God--the God of Meat, the God of what is tangible and true. Jesse laughs and says that it's crazy, and Odin says that what's crazy is following a silent God. The preacher agrees but then asks for one more Sunday. When Odin wonders why he should do it, Jesse says that he failed to bring the town to God. So on the next Sunday, he's going to bring God to the church and He will speak and answer their questions. And if they don't like his answers, Jesse will denounce God then and there.

Tulip takes Brewski in the house and says that he's the best dog in the world. She then curses Jesse, leads Brewski to the door and hugs him, and lets him into a room. The creature inside snarls and kills Brewski.

Hugo puts Jesse in the back of his car and drives off with him, while the townspeople call on Jesse to save them.

In Heaven, an alarm goes off and a dial registers in the red. An angel turns down the controls and the alarm goes off. The angel then sits down to read.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 18, 2016

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