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Boyz II Dead Recap

At the Boypocalypse Wow reunion, the boy band comes out on stage and announce that they're back and better than ever. They beginning their hit song, "Young, fast, and Firm," shooting shirts into the audience. One member, P.T. Cruiser, has his gun jam… and when he looks into the barrel, it blows his head off.

Soon, Jay and Danny arrive at the crime scene. Jay says that Angie is taking a personal day, and asks Danny not to leave him alone with Monica because she's still a little bitter about the break-up. Danny is already kissing Monica. Cruiser's head is already on Ebay, and the manager Jack Pfoopa insists that it wasn't an accident and someone sabotaged the t-shirt cannon. Monica confirms that the cannon was sabotage

Jay questions the band: Skylar the pretty one, Chad the fat/funny one, and Denarius, the ethnic one. They say that they get along fine and admits that Cruiser had problems because he was the bad boy. They let Jay look around and finds a card from their number-one fan, Fran Tabuto. Denarius insists that she's harmless, and the card says that if Denarius doesn't marry her then he dies.

At the prison, Angie visits Diane Duran to see what she knows about Eddie's death. Diane is surprised to see Angie, and claims that she doesn't know about Eddie. However, she gives Angie a location and warns that Angie should only go if she's serious about knowing what the world really is.

Jay and Danny go to Fran's apartment and hear "Young, Fast, and Firm" playing on the stereo.

Angie drives to an isolated location in the country and starts looking around.

When no one answers the door, Jay and Danny break in.

Angie finds a cabin and Eddie comes in from the bathroom. He says that they have a lot to talk about.

Jay and Danny arrest Fran, who insists that she didn't kill Cruiser. They check her bathroom and find a shrine to Cruiser.

Angie wonders how Eddie could make her think he was dead, and he kisses her to answer her questions.

At the morgue, Monica calls Jay in to tell him that Fran couldn't have murdered Cruiser. Nothing in the apartment incriminates her, and the card in the dressing room doesn't match Fran's handwriting. Monica advises him to get back with her and reopen the investigation.

Later, Jay questions Jack in his hot tub and says that they figure Fran was framed. The detective points out that ticket sales have gone up since Cruiser's death. Jack admits that he's profiting off of Cruiser's death but didn't know business would be so good if Cruiser died or he would have killed him years ago. The manager figures that once they get a new bad boy, there's no limit to how far the band can go.

At the station, Jay and Danny tell Pritkin that Fran was set up for the murder. They figure it had to be someone with backstage access, maybe someone in the band. Pritkin suggests that they put someone undercover, and Danny says that he can do it. Jay tells Jack about their plan, and he insists that it won't work. Jay says that they don't have a choice, and Danny demonstrates his talent. Jack and Jay are both impressed.

Angie and Eddie try smoking after sex, and Eddie says that they have plenty of time to talk about their future. He goes to the bathroom and Angie quickly gets dressed and goes through Eddie's bag. She finds a gun and a Mayhem Global assassination protocol manual, and a to-do list that includes "save the world." They go for a walk and Eddie says that the biggest criminal is Mayor Perry. He explains that he's Mayhem Global, and once they get Perry out of office and Dreyfuss in, they can make real change. He gives Angie a pre-programmed phone to call him when she's ready to become part of the revolution, and disappears.

Jack introduces Danny to the rest of the band as their new bad boy, and they rehearse. The other band members keep hazing Danny.

At the station, Jay gives Fran an apology gift basket and explains that they have a man undercover. She says that Skylar wanted to be the bad boy but couldn't grow a mustache. Fran has Skylar's signature on her body, and Monica confirms that it matches the writing on the card. Jay starts to say that he hopes things can be good between him and Monica, just as Angie comes in and Jay hugs her. They head off to catch a murderer and save Danny at a party.

At the album release party, Skylar takes Danny to see the house. He shows Danny the albums with Cruiser's biggest songs, and talks about how he always wanted to be the bad boy. They come to Jack's antique weapons room, and Skylar talks about how Jack has him pigeonholed as the pretty boy. Danny suggests that he might have killed Cruiser, and puts him under arrest. Skylar grabs a crossbow just as Jay, Angie, and Jack arrive. Skylar finally realizes that he's not the bad boy and gives up, and Danny puts him under arrest as the bad boy.

Three Months Later

Skylar is found not guilty by reason of insanity. Angie complains that the system sucks, looks at Eddie's phone, and walks out.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 19, 2016

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