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The Moon and the Star Recap

Dariela pounds on the door and tries to get to the unconscious Chloe, while the automated system purifies the air. Jackson, Mitch, and Abe arrive and Dariela is able to open the door. Mitch administers CPR and they take Chloe with them as the soldiers close in.

As they drive to Caraquet, Jamie and Logan listen to a radio report about the animal uprising. They don't mention anything about the leopard or the cure. Logan finally turns off the radio and apologizes for getting her involved. She says that it doesn't matter and they need to get to Caraquet so she can call her friends. The engine stalls and they get out to check it. Up ahead, Jamie sees Caraquet in flames.

Back aboard the jet, Mitch prepares to treat Chloe. Dariela arrives and says that Trotter reporter that someone is trying to contact them on the plane's secure channel. Jackson yells at Abe to get Dariela out, and he reluctantly does so. Mitch injects Chloe with adrenaline and she wakes up. She mutters that Jamie is in Caraquet and then mutters "courier" before passing out. She flatlines and Jackson yells at Mitch to give Chloe something else. Mitch says that he can't and finally tells Jackson that Chloe is dead. Despite that, Jackson strokes Chloe's face and says that she'll be fine.

Logan confirms that they're out of gas and Jamie starts walking down the road.

Jackson removes Chloe's bracelet and then covers over her body. He realizes that black fluid is leaking from his eye, and he hastily wipes it away as Dariela comes in and offers her condolences. Jackson asks her what happened, and Dariela describes how they ran when the gas spread from the leaking canister. She says that she had to shut the door or everyone at the reception would be dead. Jackson doesn't accept her judgment and walks off.

Logan joins Jamie and they hear and they hear a roaring sound behind them. They run and get over a fence just in time. The animal behind them slams into the fence, and people wearing gas masks surround Jamie and Logan.

As the plane flies north, Abe finds Jackson drinking at the bar. Jackson insists that he's imagining what is happening, and that "the Courier" is important. The plane shakes and Trotter says over the intercom that someone else is flying the plane. They figure that Davies hacked the plane's control systems, and the landing gear goes down.

The townspeople take Jamie and Logan to the town school, and a man named Curtis asks what they were doing beyond the fence. Logan says that they were trying to stay alive, and Curtis asks if there was anyone with them. Jamie asks about the fires in Caraquet, and a woman--Gwen--says that they set them.

On the plane, Dariela makes earplugs for flashbangs and figures that soldiers will soon break in. Someone opens the door and comes in, and asks them not to shoot. She says that they installed an emergency override in case they needed to take remote control of her plane. The woman then greets Mitch by name, and he explains that the woman, Allison Shaw, is his stepmother.

Gwen apologizes for Curtis' manners and explains that Caraquet was overrun five months ago. The soldiers went home to save their families and the townspeople have been on their own ever since. They burn things to keep the animals away. Gwen avoids saying what the creature was that attacked Jamie and Logan outside the fence, and admits that they don't have any communication to the outside world. Gwen offers to have their doctor take a look at Jamie's foot, and offers them food and hot water.

Allison says that she's the Deputy Secretary of Defense, and she made sure that Mitch didn't know she provided the plane. She says that they need to work together because their family orchard on the west Coast is dying. Allison explains that if Davies finds out that their food source is threatened, he'll use it to leverage additional resources to the Noah Objective. Mitch says that Chloe is dead, and Allison says that Chloe and Eleanor were the only two who knew she was working against the Noah Objective. Dariela and Mitch both refuse to go with Allison, and Allison asks if Chloe mentioned The Courier. She agrees to tell them everything if they help save her family orchards.

Jamie takes a shower and joins Logan, and a man--David--asks her where she got the sweatshirt that she's wearing. Gwen comes over and asks David if what he's saying is true. David hastily says that he made a mistake and walks off, and Gwen says that he's having trouble adjusting.

The team goes to the orchard and the handyman Bill points out that there are small pieces of what appears to be glass in the soil. It's poisoned the property, and Bill has never seen anything like it before. Allison figures that it's related to the mutated animals, and Mitch says that once they find the connection, they'll get the hell out.

That night, Bill is in bed with his wife. Something crawls across the floor and a few seconds later, Bill goes into convulsions.

On the plane, Mitch says that the "glass" is organic but doesn't know what animal it's from yet. Jackson makes sure that they're alone and tells Mitch that he was crying black tears. Mitch says that he's displaying the same symptoms as Kovacs. Allison comes in and says that they need to help Bill. They go to the house and Bill is throwing up the same glasslike substance. A snake emerges from his mouth and they grab it and pull it out, and then put it in a bag as Bill dies of internal trauma.

Back at the plane, Dariela tells Abe that she keeps imagining Chloe's face. She insists that she didn't want to close the door but she did, and she'll have to live with the fact that Chloe is dead.

As Jamie and Logan get food, everyone stares at them. A cafeteria worker, Maddie, suddenly advises them to stay away from the mashed potatoes. She drops Jamie's plate and when they kneel down to pick it up, Jamie tells them to run first chance they get. Curtis comes over and Jamie says that it was her fault.

Outside the house, Mitch tells Allison and Jackson that Bill vomited the same stuff that they found in the orchard. The snake molted it like skin, and Jackson figures that the snakes are shedding the toxic glass into the aquifer. The aquifer feeds into water sources for hundreds of miles, and Mitch suggests that they poison the snakes before they poison them.

Jamie and Logan find Maddie in the kitchen and ask what she was talking about. She says that there is going to be a vote on the feeding that night. Gwen comes in and says that Jamie and Logan will find out soon enough. More townspeople come in and one of them grabs Maddie. While Logan fights them, Jamie uses the distraction to pocket a propane can. When the men knock Logan down, Gwen says that he and Jamie will both need all the fight that they have.

On the plane, Mitch works on the poison and Allison demands an explanation. She insists that she believes in Mitch, and asks if she bet on the right horse. Mitch finally explains how the poison works. When Allison wonders how they know it won't affect humans, Mitch drinks some. The captive snake breaks out of its case and Mitch calls the others. When they arrive, Jackson says that he's got it and moves in on the snake. It senses the welts on his skin and calms down, and Jackson puts it back in the case. Allison says that she will have her people synthesize the poison, and she's going with them to Caraquet.

The townspeople gather and Gwen says that they all agreed to vote. Jamie insists that help is coming, but Gwen says that it isn't and they've had no unexpected attacks since they began the feeding. Everyone votes to send Jamie and Logan, and Gwen says that they need a third. Curtis nominates Maddie, and she says that she'd rather lose her life then live with monsters like the townspeople. Gwen says that in the morning, the months' feeding will commence.

As they wait for morning, Maddie explains that her mother taught art at the school. The animals killed her, and Jamie tells Maddie that she can't give up. She shows her the propane can.

Jackson tells Abe, Dariela, and Allison about his condition. Mitch shows them Jackson's DNA and how the mutation is causing a third strand. Jackson is the key to the cure because the same strand extinct genes that were thought to be non-functional until the present day. If he can identify each of the seven parts of the strand, he can come up with a cure. They already know four animals, so they need to identify the other three. Jackson asks Dariela to join the team and she agrees.

After Jackson leaves, Dariela goes after him and figures that she wants him on the team to kill him if he ends up like Kovacs. Jackson agrees, figuring that she can do it because she closed the door on Chloe. Dariela admits that she might have hesitated when she sealed the door, but she won't hesitate when she deals with Jackson.

Later, Jackson watches video of Chloe when she was on her trip to Africa. Abe joins him and asks how he's doing, and offers him a beer. Jackson says that he wants to see the world that Chloe fought for, and Abe promises that he will. With that, they share a toast to Chloe.

The townspeople take Jamie, Logan, and Maddie out to the fence. Gwen gives Jamie a moment to say goodbye to Logan, and Maddie creates a screaming while Jamie slips Logan the propane can and tells him to throw it into one of the flaming barrels by the gate. The townspeople shoves Jamie and Maddie out, and Logan puts the can in the fire.

A pack of polar bears come up and Jamie grabs a burning piece of wood to hold them off. The can explodes, blasting open the fence, and the bears attack the townspeople. Logan gets Jamie and Maddie to a nearby school bus, and Gwen runs over and begs them to let her in. Jamie refuses to let her in and a bear attacks and kills Gwen. The other bears gather around the bus, and Jamie tells Logan to get Maddie out the back while she draws the bears' attention. She then goes out just as Dariela arrives and tranqs the bears unconscious. Jamie sees Mitch and the others and runs over to them so that she and Mitch can hug.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 20, 2016

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