The Coast is Fear Recap

A couple, Jack and Diane Harbinson, assure their new refrigerator that they're going to take care of it. However, when they open the freezer, they find a corpse.

Soon, Angie and Jay arrive and question the delivery guy. He eventually tells them that he works for Golden Gate Bridge. When the detectives return to the station, Pritkin is watching Councilman Dreyfuss airing Perry's dirty laundry. The partners explain that they're waiting for Monica to give them an ID and a cause of death. Danny will wait for the fridge guy to come in while they talk to Monica. As they go, Jay says that he tried to call Angie. She says that she dropped her phone in the toilet and that she can't meet Jay for bowling because she dropped her ball in the toilet.

At the morgue, Edelweiss tells the detectives that the dead man's name was Charles Michael bucket, and his fingerprints match those of a Coast Guard sailor who has been missing for three days. Monica demonstrates that there's a whistle jammed in the corpse's windpipe, and they wonder what he was blowing the whistle on.

At the Coast Guard office, CPO Snick takes Angie and Jay to see Commandant Don Van Zandt. He thanks them for finding Bucket's corpse and immediately dismisses them. He insists that it's an internal matter for the Coast Guard, and Angie insists that it's their jurisdiction. The commandant knows that there was a whistle in Bucket's throat and says that his people will get the answers.

Back at the station, Jay and Angie tell Pritkin that the Coast Guard keeps shutting them down. He tells them to talk to Melanie Burke in the DA's office and see if she can help. Meanwhile, Danny says that he's going to drive to the refrigerator warehouse, and Pritkin insists on going with him.

The detectives talk to Melanie, who is more than glad to help. She already has subpoenas and search warrants for them, and validates their parking.

At the warehouse, the manager Nathan Sterelli insists that he didn't know anything about a body in a fridge. He insists that there was no body in the fridge when it was unloaded. Danny asks Pritkin to step aside and then offers Sterelli 5,000 Dave & Buster tickets. Sterelli says that the Coast Guard comes by sometimes and makes sure some shipments of alliances come through and they take it off of his hands.

Jay and Angie go to a local bar to talk to Bucket's bunkmates. An arm wrestler says that he has information but Angie will have to beat him. She takes him on and then they talk to the man when she wins. The man says that Charlie seemed to have something on his mind, and he hands one over.

That night, Danny and Pritkin spot a Coast Guard truck and they pull it over. Snick is driving and he refuses to let them see inside. He tells them to take it up with the President, and Pritkin calls and gets permission. Snick doesn't buy it and Danny draws his gun. Inside, they find Canadian immigrants.

At the station, Jay and Angie question Snick. He refuses to talk and Jay says that they found his DNA on the whistle in Charlie's throat. Snick insists that he only answers to Von Zandt, and says that he has a terrible shellfish allergy. He threatens to eat a shrimp, and says that Pepper says alone. He then eats the shrimp and explodes.

When the detectives tell Pritkin what happened, he figures that the case is closed and they should see a movie. Angie figures that there's a conspiracy going on, but the guys would rather catch a flick. Disgusted, Angie goes to a bar to drink and Jay joins her. He wonders what's changed with her, and Angie warns him that she's in a bad place. She promises Jay that she won't do anything crazy and goes home.

Van Zandt gets into bed and finds Angie in bed. She tells him to take her to Pepper, and threatens him with her freezing feet until he agrees. As they drive to the rendezvous, Van Zandt explains that the Canadians are voters, not an army. Pepper gets in and dismisses Van Zandt, and insists that Perry will not be the next mayor of LA. One way or another, he's going to lose. Angie says that she's in, and Pepper says that Van Zandt will contact her with instructions. He gets out and Angie drives away, accidentally running over Van Zandt in the process.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 26, 2016

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