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Sex, Lies and Jellyfish Recap

On the plane, Jamie takes a shower sand looks down at where Logan cut off her toe. She remembers what she's been through and breaks into tears. Afterward, she sits in the lounge and asks Mitch what happened to Chloe. As he wraps her foot, he says that Reiden Global wasn't prosecuted and is now working to develop a way to wipe out the animals. Jamie asks about Chloe, and Mitch explains about how she was exposed to the gas and Dariela sealed the door, trapping Chloe and the gas inside. He says that Dariela did what she thought she had to do, and Jamie asks to be alone.

Jackson confronts Allison and demands to know what the Courier. She says that a few months ago they heart something and Chloe found something in Patagonia. Allison told her not to tell the others, and shows Jackson a newspaper called the Worldwide Courier. They've been running stories about events created by the Triple-Helix animals... written in 1895.

Jackson and Allison show the others the newspaper, which was a tabloid in its day. Jackson points out an article about jellyfish that cause hurricanes and notes that they haven't encountered them yet. Mitch explains that jellyfish in sufficient numbers can raise water temperature, causing a powerful surface wind, and Abe locates a hurricane over Portugal that hasn't moved in 48 hours. The veterinarian explains that one species of jellyfish, an immortal jellyfish, can revert to adolescence when it's injured, so it might still exist from 1895. Abe points out that jellyfish have a poisonous sting, and Allison says that she has a way to deal with it. She asks Mitch to have Trotter set course to Portugal, and tells her stepson that he's in charge.

Mitch and Allison talk privately, and Mitch insists that he doesn't want the job. She wants Mitch to run point when he gets there so they can find anti-venom. His step mother says that she has too much to do in Washington and needs Mitch to take Chloe's place. Mitch agrees and Allison says that she has some questions about Logan and she can't have Jamie hiding anything about him.

As Dariela checks her guns, Jackson comes over and she wonders what they're going to do about Davies. Jackson says that he's going to kill Davies once it's all over, and he'll win because he has nothing left to nose. He asks if Dariela will still shoot him if he goes out of control, and points out that she and Abe are getting close. If there's anyone that will stop Dariela from killing Jackson, it will be Abe. When he warns that Dariela will have to make a choice, Dariela says that it's no choice if it means saving lives. The plane hits the hurricane

As Dariela goes to the lounge, Jamie comes in. Jamie punches her twice, and Dariela punches her back. She tells Jamie that's enough, but Jamie attacks her and Dariela takes her down. Mitch and Logan arrive as Dariela tells Jamie to never attack her again. She offers her hand to help Jamie up, but Jamie refuses it.

As the jet lands in Lisbon, the team prepares to disembark. Logan asks Jamie what she was doing, and Jamie says that Dariela shouldn't be there after what she did. Impressed, Logan says that he didn't expect Mitch to be a leader, and asks Jamie if she and Mitch were a thing. She says that it was complicated, and figures that Logan has had his fair share of complications. Mitch tells the team that the local venom dealer is Duncan Santos, He's a biochemical genius and sold antivenom for money, and is nuts because he's sampled some of the LSD he makes. Allison comes in and says that she can't let Logan go with the rest of them because she doesn't know him. When Jamie vouches for him, Allison says that doesn’t mean anything. Mitch agrees with Allison, who tells Jamie that she isn't going either because she has some questions for her.

The team head for Logan's place and Duncan approaches them posing as a bum. Once he identifies himself, he waves a van over and a group of mercenaries get out, guns aimed. Duncan tells them to hand over their weapons, and Dariela reluctantly do so. He has them put bags over their heads

As they go up to see Allison, Logan tells Jamie that Allison will probably drop him from the team. He thanks Jamie for standing up for him, and she admits that the team doesn't know her anymore and she doesn't know them. Allison calls Jamie in first.

The mercenaries take the team to Duncan's lab filled with venomous animals. Mitch spots the jellyfish and Duncan says that one of the most valuable animals in his collection has died. He needs the team to replace it, and admits that he sent some of his own men but they never came back.

Allison questions Jamie about Logan. She wonders why Jamie trusts Logan, and reveals her file on the reporter. Jamie admits that she was skeptical of Logan at first, but he eventually gained her trust. She says that she realized it was the people, not the animals, that she is scared of and she trusts him with his life. Allison asks if she trusts Logan more than Mitch, and Jamie walks out.

The team goes to an abandoned mall and finds it filled with webs. Mitch explains that they can't use the antivenom until they're it, and they have to use it within 60 seconds. Jackson says that the webs they can see are old, and they need to find the thinner ones.

Allison reviews Logan's criminal activities, and he says that's all that he's done with his life. He claims that he was inspired. She asks what happened to Gwen that she got tore apart, and Logan claims that he doesn't know. He tells Allison that he was ready to give up several times but Jamie wouldn't let him. Allison asks how long Logan has been in love with Jamie, and Logan points out that he didn't say that. He then asks if he's staying or going.

The team splits up and Abe and Dariela look around. He suggests that Dariela might try helping Jamie instead of fighting her, and admits that he doesn't trust Logan or Allison. Dariela asks him if he trusts her judgment after what happened to Chloe, and Abe tells her not to move because there's a spider above her head. There are dozens of more in the webs.

Mitch and Jackson check the food court and find the dead mercenaries. They didn't have enough time to inject the antivenom, and they figure the spiders came quickly. Spiders crawl up Mitch's leg, and Jackson starts putting them into a sample bag. More spiders move in and one bits Mitch on the neck. He injects himself with the antivenom and the two men run.

Abe gets the spider that has landed on Dariela, and then more off of a nearby cart. More spiders drop down from the ceiling, and they run. One of them bites Abe on the head and he trips on a web, dropping the antivenom syringe down a drain. Another spider bites Dariela on the neck and she injects herself with the antivenom. More spiders move in as Abe tries to pry the drain grate up. Dariela runs over, gets the syringe, and injects Abe with it just in time. Once he recovers, they run and meet the others.

Back at Duncan's lab, the team hands over the spiders and ask for the jellyfish. Zeke, a man working, for Davies, comes in and Jackson wonders how Davies knew that they were there.

Allison joins Jamie and Logan, and tells them that their stories check out. Jamie has checked her out and learns that she wrote a memo to the President supporting Reiden joining the Noah Objective. Allison says that she made a mistake and has corrected it, and Jamie says that they're not sure that they can trust her.

When Mitch accuses Duncan of selling them out, Duncan says that it was someone on their team. As they talk, Mitch lets the spiders out of the bag. He hands over the bag and Duncan discovers that it's empty. Spiders drop on Duncan's mercenaries and Zeke runs while Dariela grabs a gun and kneecaps the remaining mercenaries. As he goes, Mitch grabs Duncan's vials of antivenom. Zeke doubles back and knocks Jackson down, and Jackson goes berserk and attacks him. He yells at Mitch to get the jellyfish while he beats Zeke. Dariela prepares to kill Jackson, but Abe tells her to lower her gun. She hesitates and Abe pulls Jackson away. After a moment he says that he wants Zeke alive to deliver a message, and tells him to tell Davies that he's coming for him.

As the plane lifts off, Mitch and Jamie have a drink at the bar. Dariela walks past and Mitch admits that she's not that bad. He tells Jamie that none of them know what they would have done.

Dariela is cleaning her gun when Abe approaches her. He figures that she would have shot Jackson, and insists that Jackson isn't like Janos. He says that he wanted to trust Dariela, but she pointed her gun at his friend. Dariela wonders what Abe wants her to say, and Abe says that there isn't anything as he walks away.

In the lab, Allison looks at the jellyfish in its aquarium. Mitch has analyzed its cell sample and discovered that there's a lot of radiation. He has determined it was exposed to radiation in 1895, and figures that all of the incidents are related. Allison tells her stepson that Logan checks out and figures that he just wants to help. However, she says that they have a bigger problem: Jamie. Mitch agrees.

Jackson is putting ice on his knuckles when Abe comes in and demands answers. He figures that Jackson is ready to die, and Jackson tells him that wasn't him. Abe tells his friend that he may be ready to die, but he's not ready to let it happen.

Logan approaches Mitch and says that he wants to stay. Mitch points out that Jamie trusts him, and says that it's Logan's chance to pay her back

Jamie is binding her foot when Dariela comes in and offers her some Silly Putty to put in her shoe and help her balance. She hopes that Jamie understands that she can trust her even if she doesn't like her, and Jamie says that Dariela can trust her as well. Dariela agrees and says that it helps to have someone else around that has been through what Jamie went through.

Mitch calls Jackson into the lab and explains that the jellyfish has a Triple-Helix just like Jackson. He thinks that radiation mutated one of the jellyfish's genes, but he can't find the gene. The gas targets the "ghost gene," and Jackson wonders how Davies how did it. Mitch admits that Davies must have someone even smarter than him working for him.

Davies goes a cell and meets with his consultant: Robert Oz. He says that they weren't able to get Jackson in Lisbon, and the gas was working perfectly until Robert sabotaged it. Davies tells him to fix the gas, and Robert says that he's not doing anything until he sees his son.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 27, 2016

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