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Season 1

Dead Pixels is about three friends, Meg, Nicky and Usman who play Kingdom Scrolls, the popular online role playing fantasy game, set in a magical world of wizards, orcs and wyverns. They are committed to the game. Because in the end, what's more important – playing badminton with your flatmate Alison, or defending Castle Blackfinger from marauding orcs? For Meg, Nicky and Usman it's no contest, the castle comes first.

In real life Meg and Nicky work in an office. They are not sure what Usman does for a living - but Usman has got his priorities right, if Castle Blackfinger needs defending, then grabbing a decent night's sleep would not only be selfish, it would be irresponsible. There's also Russell, the new guy at Meg's office. It's not that Russell is a bit annoying - he just doesn't understand the etiquette of online gaming - which makes him incredibly annoying. Meg doesn't fancy Nicky. Nicky definitely doesn't fancy Meg. Nothing will ever happen between them, not in this world or in Kingdom Scrolls.

Dead Pixels is an unusual mix of live action and animation, where the action is split between real life and Kingdom Scrolls, the online game.

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