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Prospects - Episode Guide

Season 1

The P to S Day

Episode: 1x01 | Airdate: Feb 19, 1986

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Whilst Pincey and Billy collect their giros, they plan their next get rich quick scheme.

Pincey has the idea of a dating service based on astrology,the only problem is the only replies are from women, so Billy egged on by both Del and Pincey tries his hand at the boxing game but is soon out for the count!

Partners in Brine

Episode: 1x02 | Airdate: Feb 26, 1986

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Pincey buys the new company car-a hearse! They swap a few dozen boxes of pickled olives in brine for dolls in national dress which they have trouble flogging at first.

Pincey hooks up with a financial investor with dreams of transforming the dockland into a dolphinarium!

There's also some fisticuffs which result in Billy being wrongly arrested by Halforth, the copper who is out to get him and Pincey.

Uncle Harry's System

Episode: 1x03 | Airdate: Mar 5, 1986

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Pincey thinks he's onto a sure winner with a betting system his Uncle Harry invented, but at the greyhound track things don't go as planned!

Billy and Pincey also get into hot water with local villain Stretch when they are asked to look after,then deliver £500,which Pincey leaves behind in a chinese take-away.

Dirty Weekend

Episode: 1x04 | Airdate: Mar 12, 1986

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Pincey and Billy find work on a building site and come across a racist bully and try and put one over on him.

Billy is in training to become a boxer again, and he and his girlfriend Lucy plan a camping holiday ,but don't figure on Pincey and his new girl, Mona, tagging along without tent poles!

Billy's quality time with Lucy is shattered when Pincey's tent collapses and they all bunk in together...

Rodent Engineers

Episode: 1x05 | Airdate: Mar 19, 1986

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Pincey and Billy become pest control experts, and take the work of another rat-catcher who does his best to get his own back.

At first things go really well, but then the binmen accidently pick up their bottles of whiskey promised to a dour Scots customer, and they realise they should've set traps for the rodents, as usual things start to go pear-shaped.

Standing on Your Own One Foot

Episode: 1x06 | Airdate: Mar 26, 1986

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Pincey and Billy decide to leave the Isle Of Dogs and rent a flat on Roman Road, Bow, East London.

The landlord is a religious nut, and the other tennants are a 'palmist' and a Jewish business man who is convinced the inland revenue are after him.

Pincey and Billy soon come face to face with the local fascists, and after having their van wheels pinched by them, play a game of cat and mouse.

Subterranean Pig Sick Blues

Episode: 1x07 | Airdate: Apr 2, 1986

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Pincey gets a job as a car park attendant, and discovers an underground tunnel that leads to what he thinks is the door to a high street bank. He tells Billy who warns him to steer clear, but the thought of getting rich quick gets the better of Pincey and he offers the job to local gangster, Stretch, who agrees to 'blow open' the bank door and let Pincey have 10%.

Not surprisingly things don't go as planned.

Flying Tonight

Episode: 1x08 | Airdate: Apr 9, 1986

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Pincey is saving up for his own hot dog van,but in the meantime is working at 'The Happy Fryer' chip shop with George and Bess, who hate each other!

When Bess walks out George falls apart, so Pincey ropes in Billy and Mona to run the chippy, and when George says he'll give anything to have Bess back, Pincey sees his chance and says he'll find her for £100! Pincey and Billy do find Bess and she agrees to see George, but when they arrive at the chippy George has gone mad and prepares to boil Bess in the fat!

The police are called and everyone escapes and George is comitted to a mental hospital, but that ain't the end...

Four Men in a Boat

Episode: 1x09 | Airdate: Apr 16, 1986

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In need of cash to replace a collapsed van, the boys find work as waiters at an engagement party aboard a river boat.

Pincy sees fast cash in the form of a batch of Swiss watches, Mick finds his wife dancing with a guest and all hell breaks loose.

Follow the Yellow Brick Lane

Episode: 1x10 | Airdate: Apr 23, 1986

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Billy falls for ambitious pub singer Bev and, with Billy, strikes a deal for some cigarette lighters; unfortunately, they end up with a crate of butter. They set out to take revenge on both the dealer and Bev's manager.

Running All the Way (1)

Episode: 1x11 | Airdate: Apr 30, 1986

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Convicted of stealing Vodka, Pincy and Billy are sent to prison. While inside, Pincy sees the chance to make some booze and do a trade in cigarettes.

The alcohol doesn't go down well and the pair make a bid for escape...

Running All the Way (2)

Episode: 1x12 | Airdate: May 7, 1986

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Billy and Pincey escape from prison and find few friends on the run.

After trying and failing to rob an office, they are finally helped by Mona's boyfriend and soon find themselves in the middle of a gang war. A return to prison starts looking promising.

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