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Riker - Episode Guide

Season 1


Episode: 1x01 | Airdate: Mar 14, 1981

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An ex-girlfriend of Riker's asks him to investigate the threats of a liquor distributor at her brother.


Episode: 1x02 | Airdate: Mar 21, 1981

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A woman hires Riker to locate her missing sister lest she's become a prostitute.

Gun Run

Episode: 1x03 | Airdate: Mar 28, 1981

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Riker goes after a gang specialized in robbing Government munitions.

Crime School

Episode: 1x04 | Airdate: Apr 4, 1981

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Riker learns about a peculiar school in prison where inmates are taught criminal techniques so he decides to close it down once and for all.

Busted Cop

Episode: 1x05 | Airdate: Apr 11, 1981

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Riker sets his sights on Otis Trask, the leader of a gang of arsonists.

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