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Calendar and watchlist : Wrong hour for streaming episodes

Cecile wrote a month ago: 1


I have an issue with episode from streaming services.

Episodes from Amazon Prime are usually set to an airdate without the time. In Paris, where i'm from, they are available at midnight.
With the timezone settings they appear only at 14h00 on the calendar and the watchlist, but they should be displayed at 00h.

Could it be possible to check if an episode before doing the time translation ?

tnt wrote a month ago: 1

I've raised this question before. Global web-channels intentionally don't have airtime (or rather have some "generic" airtime in the system), which is wrong for most of them (at least for the Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime), because actually they all have their own release schedule (usually it's right after midnight in some particular timezone), which is different from what we have. Therefore, for those web channels you'll never get a correct display in the calendar or countdown.

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