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The Expanse News

Amazon Studios picks up "The Expanse" for sixth and final season.

@JuanArango wrote:
This is good, so it will have a nice and proper ending :)

Unless you consider an open ending "proper", I doubt that they will cover the remaining 4 books (one of which is not finished yet) in one season. Especially considering a 30-year gap between "Babylon's Ashes" and "Persepolis Rising", which means they can't easily jump from book to book as before.

Better than nothing, but I seriously hoped that they will adapt all 9 novels.

Black Lightning News

‘Black Lightning’ to End After Season 4 on CW

I think CW is axing this iteration of Arrowverse.
Supergirl and Black Lightning are done, Batwoman is probably next. I think Flash is one season away from dropping below 0.3, and Legends are already dropped to 0.22, and they're way too expensive for a summer show, so the next season will probably be the last for both.


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