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TVMaze Facebook page

BazzaG wrote 6 days ago: 1

You would probably need to be living on another planet if you don't know what's happening here in Australia re: Facebook.

Facebook has banned Aussie access to Facebook "news" sites, such as 9News, ABC News, and so on and so forth. Their ban also included State & Federal health sites, Emergency sites, state politicians, Retailers, such as, Harvey Norman, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and heaps and heaps of other non-news sites. 24 hours later many, but not all, of these sites have been "restored" and can be accessed by Australians.

It's also my understanding that these sites are also banned for non-Australians.

Yet Facebook didn't ban controversial Australian Facebook sites that peddle fake news about COVID-19 and so forth. Despite the fact that they claim to be a journalist or a News organisation of their Facebook page. Go figure!!!

We Aussies are also banned from looking at International "news" Facebook pages of the BBC, New York Times, etc. etc. etc.

Unfortunately, the TVMaze Facebook site has also been included in the ban. But I don't believe that TVMaze is a "news" site as such.

Not that I have accessed the TVMaze Facebook site very often but when I do today all I see is "No posts yet". This is same issue that I see when I go to, 9News for example.

It is my understanding that it's up to owners of the Facebook site to complain to Facebook in order to reverse that ban.

I have NO idea how to do so, what needs to be said, etc. in order to get this ban overturned but I thought I would open a thread here to at least let you know.

david wrote 5 days ago: 1

Ha ha, I guess we should be flattered! :-)

Definitely interesting to know, though I don't use FB so this one's for Jan to look at.

BazzaG wrote a day ago: 1

Apparently Facebook has "blinked first" or was that the Aussie Government? Well someone did and Facebook has announced that "news" will be restored to us Aussies and we have been re-friended.

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