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Ratings Roundup Week of April 8, 2018 Article

Ratings Roundup Week of April 8, 2018

The Crossing premiered at a 0.9 with 5.4 million viewers. Not good for an opening because ratings almost always go down from the premiere as people will tune in just to check it out and decide it's not for them. Last week the ratings were a 0.8 and 4.5 million, so not good; it lost about a million viewers and a tenth of a ratings point. So, no things are not looking good for the series.

Ratings Roundup Week of April 1, 2018 Article

Ratings Roundup Week of April 1, 2018

@SilverSurfer I'm sure some FOX shows premiered below a 1.0 and lived to tell the tale.

It will be interesting to see which tack the CW takes with its Sunday schedule; Sunday nights are big TV nights and there is a lot of competition. Not to mention the last time the CW tried Sunday night programming it failed spectacularly. My guess would be take a successful veteran series and pair it with something new. So is it The Flash, Black Lightning, or Supernatural that's shifted to the Sunday night anchor position with a rookie in the 9PM slot? I doubt they would try to pair something like Dynasty with a new show, or put two rookie shows on back-to-back on that night.

Thursday Night Football will play havoc with the scheduling but both networks will still need to fill that time with something while the games are on the opposite rotation. The bigger question for FOX will be the Disney deal (assuming it goes through). Will the Mouse let things lie or will it decide to "fix" things for the network. That may affect renewals more than the football.