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Ratings Roundup for the Week of January 9, 2022 Article

Ratings Roundup for the Week of January 9, 2022

@LeonKennedy wrote:
The premiere of Superman & Lois 2nd season is looking up for me after a not-so-good finale for the 1st season... On another note, I think it's kind of pointless to re-run 4400 TV show, seeing how terrible of a show it is... I feel like CW is losing its somewhat already lost grip on these new superhero shows...God, I used to love The Flash and Batwoman and they really ruined the whole experience for me *I guess I should've stuck myself with the anime version of those, lol*. I think The Arrow was a one-off series where their production showed true potential for them to compete with HBO and Netflix... 

The CW is in a Berlanti rut of late. Arrow was a good, compelling series for the first four seasons or so. Then it sort of fell apart when it wasn't so much the lone vigilante but this whole team of people beyond Felicity and Diggle. I gave up at that point. I got caught up on Flash over the summer. Not sure how much longer I'll bother to stick with it now that Cisco and Harry are gone. I still enjoy the complete nonsense that is Legends of Tomorrow. It's fun and doesn't take itself seriously. 

Never bothered with any of the others. 

The big question (and it is a serious one) is what's going to happen once the network is sold? Assuming someone actually wants to buy it. The CW has never been a profitable venture for either Warner or CBS. Unless there are some interesting clauses in the contracts, it's entirely possible that the new owners will be left with nothing in terms of content. Warners produces most of those superhero shows. Depending on the terms of any sale, it's not outside the realm of possibility that any shows they still want to make would move to a streaming platform. The CBS-produced shows have never been as popular but they could move their offerings to Paramount+. 

Ratings Roundup for the Week of January 9, 2022 Article

Ratings Roundup for the Week of January 9, 2022

@gmpugs wrote:
I have a question, how much longer do you see The Goldbergs lasting with Jeff Garlin exiting this season?

I've wondered about that. I don't watch the show to know how integral the character was to the plot lines, but The Goldbergs is getting up there in terms of seasons (they are in their ninth now, which is pretty unheard of for comedies these days) so it's already expensive in terms of actor contracts. On the other hand, its ratings are still good, it's consistently not only the highest-rated comedy on the network but one of its highest-rated shows in general. ABC has proven in the past it can roll with removing high profile actors from major roles (see The Conners) and still keep going. My gut says they will be renewed for a "final season" for next year and that will be that. It will be a nice round ten seasons for the show, and it will give the production time to wrap up any outstanding threads. 

Ratings Roundup for the Week of January 2, 2022 Article

Ratings Roundup for the Week of January 2, 2022

I find I watch very little network television these days. (I don't watch that much streaming either) I've never been into any of the so-called 'reality' shows, I find most comedies these days inane and insulting (to both the characters and the viewer's intelligence), and many of the dramas think they have to be so "gritty" and bleak that I don't bother. Oh well. I watch the few shows I like and leave the rest. 

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