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Ratings Roundup Week of October 7, 2018 Article

Ratings Roundup Week of October 7, 2018

Flash, Black Lightning, and Riverdale are all safe. Supergirl probably is as well.

No need to worry about Young Sheldon, it will most likely become the top rated comedy for CBS once BBT ends. Mom is also an easy renewal.

I don't think any actor contracts are up for Five-0 at the end of this season. So unless the rating absolutely tank, it should get another year. (we can start the pool to see if it will make it longer than the original!) And I'm sure Lenkov is salivating at the chance to do Magnum/Five-0 crossovers ...

God Friended Me is a weird one to predict. It gets a lot of help from NFL overruns (like last night) so it's numbers bounce from amazing high to network average depending on when the football game ended. It should get a full season order just from that help. The dye will be set in January when it no longer has the extra help.

Ratings Roundup Week of September 23, 2018 Article

Ratings Roundup Week of September 23, 2018

What? You didn't think setting the island of Oahu on fire and lifting a cabin with a helicopter was believable? LOL. This was a remake of the pilot episode for the original series, and it did work, much better than the original in my mind. Probably because it was shorter, the Jack Lord version dragged on interminably and I usually skip it if I watch the old show.

"I Saw The Sunrise" - Magnum PI S01E01 Review Article

"I Saw The Sunrise" - Magnum PI S01E01 Review

@jepafo: Well we don't know *why* she was disavowed. ;) And we don't know what Robin knows about the whole situation, either. We'll see. On the other hand, there's no mystery, at least for Magnum and Co, who Robin Masters is since they've all met him.

@edwardcox: BIG opening episodes is a Lenkov trademark, I think he tries to blow the budget with the premiere and finale episodes. LOL. I usually give a new show five episodes to convince me to continue. Right now I'm intrigued enough to see what they can do with the characters. The production will need to prove they can tell good mysteries without leaning on the crunch of the old show or the gimmick of Five-0 being around the island as well. (anyone else catch the Ferrari passing Danny's black Camaro on the bridge?)

A New Magnum for a New Millennium Article

A New Magnum for a New Millennium

@mpflipper Why make Higgins female: Lenkov stated in an interview that he saw the original series as a boys club and wanted a female voice to be present in the new version. However. He also wanted to keep the close military ties and bond Magnum, Rick, and TC share(d) so that left Higgins. I hope I'm wrong, I really, really, do but the fact Perdita Weeks' Higgins and Jay Hernandez's Magnum are so close in age *and* practically living together already, kinda has the writing on the wall of a whole romantic subplot. (please, oh TV gods, let me be wrong).