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TV Show Request Rejected - Criminal Minds

wallman2001 wrote 13 days ago: 1

Sorry if this is the wrong location for this, but I put in a request for the TV Show - Criminal Minds Reboot and it was rejected with a note that it was being added as a Season for the for series, but all of the information I see says it is going to be a new series:

'Criminal Minds' Reboot Officially Coming to Paramount+, But With 1 Key Difference (

‘Criminal Minds’: Paramount+ Plan To Revive Procedural Franchise – Deadline

ViacomCBS Unveils Comprehensive Streaming Strategy and Expansive Slate of Originals Headed to Paramount+

Was there another link or site that says it is just an additional season?

gazza911 wrote 13 days ago: 1

Be careful of using news site as proof that it's a reboot.

They often use the term 'revival' interchangably as well, but all it means is that the series was cancelled by one network, then revived by another network (in this case Paramout+).

Even on the ViacomCBS site you linked it says "top rated series in broadcast and streaming returns with a new scripted series that brings the team back together to investigate a single, fascinating case over 10 episodes."

We have a data policy for show continuations/reboots, including "At least one of the previous show's main cast members is starring in the continuation", which is definitely the case here.

We'd really need some original press releases which say more about it.

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