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Time zone for Canadian shows

tvholic wrote 7 years ago: 2

That's the thing: CTV references all its shows with their Eastern and Pacific broadcast times (just like US networks do), so that's what most people would consider to be the correct airtime, but if you go to the schedule page and change your location to Nova Scotia you can see the Atlantic schedule which is different.

david wrote 7 years ago: 1

Check this thread for a previous related discussion:

david wrote:
If I understand it correctly, people in the Atlantic timezone can see an episode 1 hour before people in the Eastern timezone. If that's indeed the case, the Atlantic timezone is the one we should track and the air times should be entered in the Atlantic timezone.
I'll wait and see for a bit if someone from Canada shows up to enlighten us. :)

It's quite a complicated situation, so if anything said in there is incorrect please let us know. Otherwise and at least for the time being, air times for Canadian shows should be in the Atlantic timezone.

diemunkiesdie wrote 21 days ago: 1

Global gives all its times in ET, just like US networks do. So, since the Maritime provinces just happen to exist, that means all Canadian show episode pages need to adjust the times they use and list the Halifax/Maritimes time instead of the time given by the network itself. Otherwise, the time does not appear correctly on any schedule page. I think, for consistency, we should use the time given by the network: ET (GMT-5). If that is not going to happen, seems like it would be good to batch edit all Canadian show times that are listed and move them by an hour. For example, BB Canada ( is now off by an hour since it is using ET.

To be clear, both the Maritimes and the ET get the same feed. They view the show at the same time. And the times listed, by the network, are ET. So the atlantic folks are not seeing it "one hour early" they are seeing it simulcast. It is the same feed at the same time. If someone uses the time provided by the network (ET or GMT-5) on a show page then it would technically be incorrect if the network is listed as GMT-4.

diemunkiesdie wrote 15 days ago: 1

@david any thoughts on this? I think the key point is that the same feed is used so its not like the Atlantic time zone/Maritime provinces are seeing the shows an hour early. The "hour early" discussion seems to be a confusion about how the atlantic time zone is one hour ahead, not that it actually sees the shows one hour ahead. They get a simulcast.


The networks give their times in ET. We should follow what the network does. The ET broadcast time is also the first official broadcast time. Atlantic time zone does not see shows before ET. They see it simulcast.

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