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Enola Holmes

hot4mix posted a day ago

Hello there, was just wondering how Enola Holmes was accepted, Cause i'm pretty certain it's a movie

MasterChef Australia

Talvi posted 14 days ago

Please stop editing the episode titles if you don't follow the convention that's been in place for 12 season.

tnt posted 14 days ago

Well, the names were imported from an external source, so it seems that there's not much of a "convention" between the different sources.
Besides that, per TVmaze policy, the episodes should have names, assigned by the network. Could you please share the link to the official source that lists the episodes according to this convention? If there's no such source, the episode titles should correspond with the network's episode guide.

Talvi posted 13 days ago

What other sites do is their business and you shouldn't copy their style without doing the research.

tnt posted 13 days ago

You didn't answer my question, where this alleged "convention" came from? I couldn't find any official source using those names. And without an official confirmation, your "style" is no better or worse than any other "style" out there. It is unofficial and not allowed by our data policy.
We have more than 10'000 TV series in our database, and obviously, it's not humanely possible to do research for every single one of them. But now that you've brought this particular series to my attention, I'll wait a bit for some official proof of those "conventional" episode names, before reverting all of them to generic episode titles, assigned by the network.

NCIS "Sangre" (S18E12)

tvjjbj12 posted 25 days ago

Hello, tnt. CBS didn't air this episode tonight, April 20. The preview ending the rerun shows a new one airing next Tuesday. May I just move each of the five remaining episode dates ahead one week? 



Is this a real page?

pesky2012 posted 2 months ago

Heya TNT,

I hope all is well with you and yours.
I'm checking out a possible problem on our website. We believe someone may be adding pages here that aren't real...  You may know Primewire uses tvmaze as our template, and occasionally linkers add fake pages to grab links... Can you check and let me know who added this page so i can try to see if its one of our linkers... 

Thanks for any help

Pesky2012  (YKJack) Primewire moderator

P.S. This is the page on our site that this 404 links to.

tnt posted a month ago

I think it's something different this time :)

Initially, Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League was announced as a 4-part mini-series, so it was added to our database (by TomSouthwell, if memory serves).
Later, however, it became known that it will be a single 4-hour-long movie. So it was deleted because one-off movies are against TVmaze policy.

So as you can see, it was not a fake page, just a show which was added and then deleted. I hope this answers your concerns?

Cheers :)

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