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Pilot Episode


@Dexter wrote:
What a surprise!! Another brilliant whaman. Better than all the men. I'm shocked. Never seen that before. Where have all these geniuses been hiding? I guess men are no longer holding them back. Message received. 

Idiot! Maybe read the book first.

The Wrong Side of Goodbye Episode

The Wrong Side of Goodbye

After the last season of Bosch wrapped-up leaving me very dissatisfied, I'm very pleased with the first four episodes a great continuation. Great to see Crate & Barrel hope seeing more characters from the Bosch series crossing their paths.

Pie Episode


Brilliant! Just finished Binge Watching the whole season, Love It. As I imagined in my head when I read the Books. Looking forward for a 2nd season.

Welcome to Margrave Episode

Welcome to Margrave

YES! This is how I imagined Jack Reacher always when I read repeatedly Lee Child's Books, Alan nailed it like Titus nailed Harry Bosch. The deeply creepy Cult imbecile and Midget Cruise literally damaged + soiled the Character with his rubbish performance and crappy movies they were deeply offensive for every Jack Reacher Fan. 

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