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He/him. Native English speaker. Raised multilingual. Lived in many countries.

Huge fan of science fiction and fantasy. Love a good mystery too.

Watching TV shows is not just for fun but part of my job too. Ain't that great?!

Please call me Dax. And spread the love! :) ❤️

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Warrior Nun News

Netflix Cancels "Warrior Nun" After Two Seasons

Warrior Nun just may live to fight another day. Somewhere, some way. Six months after the fantasy series' Netflix cancellation, creator and showrunner Simon Barry tweeted on Wednesday (July 28) morning that because of the fans' "combined voices, passion and amazing efforts", an "epic return" is now afoot. Sources confirm to TVLine that while no deals are in place, discussions are indeed underway to revive the series via a standalone movie or a shortened final season in order to give fans closure — but not on Netflix. It remains unclear where the project would potentially land. Read more on TVLine.

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