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CostaDax's talk page

re: Flippling Bangers

theprisoner6 posted a year ago

Hello Costa,

Just a ShareTV refugee here...have you heard or read anything about the continuation of the series "Flipping Bangers"? Thanks.


CostaDax posted a year ago

Hi, Mike! Welcome to TVmaze!

I'm not familiar with the show. I did a quick search and here's what strange. We do list a Series 3 on TVmaze supposedly aired on Blaze in 2022 (which is also listed on IMDb with no dates and on TheTVDB with dates), but Series 3 is not listed on the show's official page on Blaze! The show's pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have not been updated since 2020 or 2021, and they only mention Series 3: TBC! Amazon Prime Video also only lists 2 seasons. So, I'm not sure whether Series 3 was actually released (aired or streamed) or where it was released. Perhaps you do? Have you watched Series 3? As for Series 4, I haven't been able to find any official announcement about the renewal or cancellation of the show, but things are muddled and do not bode well for the series. In any case, I'll keep looking. If I find anything new, I'll let you know.

Take care! :)


The Company You Keep

RoseRed posted a year ago

Didn't realize you were working on this show when I added to it. Hate when people do that to me - so accept my humblest apologies!!! Have a good one Costa.

CostaDax posted a year ago

Hi, Rose! No worries. It has happened to me too. When I realize that someone else is working on the same episode at the same time with me, I always stop, no matter who made the first edit. With so many contributors on TVmaze, these things are bound to happen. It's really no big deal. But I really appreciate you reaching out to me. Have a good one too! 🙂


PandaRed posted a year ago

What do you think of changelings in Picard? Odo would be having kittens I think!

CostaDax posted a year ago

Hi, Panda! (or do you prefer Red?)

My apologies for the belated response. I'm dealing with a lot of things at home. Your question deserves a proper answer and I have a lot to say. I'll get back to you when I can, hopefully sooner than later. In the meantime, have fun! 🙂

PandaRed posted a year ago

I'm good with Panda, Red, or PR, as long as you don't call me late for dinner! ;)

Is no worries, hope things worked out for you, sorry that they're so hectic!

DWTS news

Magitroopa posted a year ago

I've actually just requested it in the edit requests forum. Is that the correct place to request news articles here?...

CostaDax posted a year ago

Hi, Magitroopa! The Edit Requests thread in the forum is the place where usually such requests are made. Personally I don't mind if someone contacted me to make such a request, and I would post the news about Dancing with the Stars but JuanArango beat me to it. :)

Turkish Series Related

hattorijackie posted a year ago

Do you watch Alparslan and Barbaros hayreddin sultanin fermani?

hattorijackie posted a year ago

Are you a regular contributor to TV Maze? I am asking this because if you are a regular contributor could you please update the episodes on the date of the above-mentioned series?

CostaDax posted a year ago

For this kind of requests, you have to use the Edit Requests thread in the forum. You have better chances there of a Head, Curating or Trusted Contributor being able to update those shows. :)

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