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Jeopardy! Masters season 2

Magitroopa posted 8 days ago

FYI, Ken revealed in the season finale aired on Wednesday that Jeopardy! Masters will be back in 2024.

What Ken says in the episode: "Now before we begin, I have good news for all three of you. By virtue of qualifying for the Jeopardy! Masters final, all three of you are also guaranteed slots in next year's Jeopardy! Masters. But first, we got to figure out who's gonna win this one. We have a little bit of business first."

EDIT: Also around 6:28 in the latest Inside Jeopardy!: "I'm interested, I mean, I'm gonna start the process now that will happen over the next few months, before we move into planning Masters, your return to defend the trophy next year." There's some more talk about the 'next year's' Jeopardy! Masters after that specific quote as well.

fli718 posted 7 days ago

Got it! Thanks for letting me know!! Sorry if it caused any trouble!!


Aidan posted a month ago

Hi, I noticed you added a showrunner to the crew on The Equalizer.

Just a quick FYI:

Crew is only to be listed when there is on-screen credits.

So while I understand it's tempting to add showrunners to shows, we only do it when they're actually credited as such.


Cheers :)

fli718 posted a month ago

Ok, got it. Sorry for all the confusion!!

Pics from CW

fli718 posted 4 months ago

Got it. Sorry for all the trouble. Thanks for your help!

Cast on future episodes

Magitroopa posted 9 months ago

Could you please refrain from adding cast members onto the live show episodes of America's Got Talent that haven't aired yet? They are live, meaning we don't know who will/won't appear until the episode is actually airing. Thank you.

Magitroopa posted 8 months ago

Apologies, but would like to ask the same thing regarding Dancing with the Stars- these episodes are live as well, and obviously we won't know who will/won't actually be on until it is actually airing, as evident this past week when Daniella tested positive for COVID.

Season number in season name

MTQueenie posted a year ago

Hello there

I have noticed that you often add "Season xx" in the field Season Name, that field should only be used if the season have an actual name - otherwise it should just be left blank. MTQ

fli718 posted a year ago

Ok thanks, will keep that in mind. Sorry for all the trouble.

MTQueenie posted a year ago

No problem :) If a show has been renewed but it hasn't been announced yet when it will air you can just add a news item to the show so people can see there's another season coming.


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