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kevin87's talk page

Who Do You Think You Are?

TonyMayhew posted 4 months ago

Hi mate, can I ask you to please leave the episode runtimes of 'Who Do You Think You Are?' alone? Each time slot episode in the series runs from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC1, not the 57 / 58 minutes you have been adding. Yes, the actual play time of these episodes is 57 / 58 minutes, but the scheduled time slot is 60 minutes. 

It is like anything else that runs in a particular time slot; we always include the breaks between each show, so that they appear correctly in the calendar. 
Like, a typical USA show usually airs for an hour, but the episode itself is normally around 42 minutes of actual length. The rest of that hour is used up with adverts, but we still list it as a 60 minute runtime.


kevin87 posted 4 months ago

I was under the impression that BBC doesn't have ads, which is why some start at odd time (Graham Norton at 22:45 for example), so I thought that that's when the show ended.

TonyMayhew posted 4 months ago

Yes, the BBC do have odd running times occasionally. Like with Graham Norton. His show normally has a 50 minute slot, where the actual episode length is usually between 45 / 48 minutes. 

Although the BBC do not have commercial adverts, they do have a few minutes between programs to promote their other shows :)

Psych 2: Lassie Come Home

RoseRed posted 7 months ago

Hey Kevin - just curious why the premiere date of 7/15 was removed. Policies are not my area of expertise so I thought I'd ask. Appreciate it. 


kevin87 posted 7 months ago

I asked that myself before, since Universal owns USA and Peacock, but was told since they moved Psych 2 off USA in favor of Peacock, we had to leave the airdate blank since it's not going to be on USA and it's a special tv movie not a new season, so the majority of premiere date policy would prevent changing the whole show to Peacock instead of USA.

RoseRed posted 7 months ago

Phew, glad I asked - that one is over my head. Thanks for the explanation although I gotta admit a blank airdate will forever drive me crazy seeing as it aired. Did you watch and did you like it? It felt so comfortable watching those guys again and hearing that opening theme song! Thanks again, Kevin.

kevin87 posted 7 months ago

Yeah the blank airdate is weird, but maybe if they ever incorporate different air dates for multiple countries, we can use it for stuff like this. I saw that somebody had added a line at the end of the episode description saying the Peacock premiere date at least lol I haven't seen it yet myself, my TV must not be new enough to download apps other than the factory default ones and it's not available on Roku, so I'll have to wait. I was going to use my trial to watch it because I loved the show.

The Lion Guard airdates

gazza911 posted a year ago

Hi Kevin,

I see you've edited this show before. If I understand correctly, all of the episodes streamed on DisneyNOW before Disney Junior?

And would all of the missing episodes have the same airdate?

kevin87 posted a year ago

I added the first episode of the season when I saw it in the Disney programing release schedule for August, then noticed somebody split it into two parts and added more so I checked DisneyNOW and they were all already available, so I changed the channel to DisneyNOW and updated the official site link.

Doing a little more research now, it seems the other episodes didn't start airing on TV until September 7th, and there are 10 more episodes released on DisneyNOW on September 2nd.

gazza911 posted a year ago

Right, so looks like we'll need to add those remaining episodes with an airdate of September 2nd then.

Thanks for your help.

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