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About pentar

I am an unabashed TV junkie. I live in Ohio and enjoy photography and being outdoors (which makes TV watching a challenge!) I have recently become hooked playing Ingress, which also chews up some of my valuable TV watching time.

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Fly Boy Episode

Fly Boy

Reacher getting his ass kicked by a senior citizen!  Bring on season 3!

Paid in Full Episode

Paid in Full

You can never go wrong with Mark Pellegrino in the cast.

Among the Lotus Eaters Episode

Among the Lotus Eaters

Apparently, Enterprise has only one doctor and one nurse to take care of the entire crew, and any other medical emergency they encounter on their missions. They should ask for overtime!

Our Son, the Barber Episode

Our Son, the Barber

@Gisbradokla wrote:
What is the brown thing hanging on the wall in the barn scene with Eb cutting the manicon Leroy?

Looks like a horse collar.

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