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About pentar

I am an unabashed TV junkie. I live in Ohio and enjoy photography and being outdoors (which makes TV watching a challenge!) I have recently become hooked playing Ingress, which also chews up some of my valuable TV watching time.

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Our Son, the Barber Episode

Our Son, the Barber

@Gisbradokla wrote:
What is the brown thing hanging on the wall in the barn scene with Eb cutting the manicon Leroy?

Looks like a horse collar.

Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach Episode

Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach

@bebop-cola wrote:
Pike's hair will have it's own atmosphere eventually. Just keeps getting bigger and taller every ep, lmao.

I think they need to do a full diagnostic on the transporter, it seems to be malfunctioning.

Bloodline Episode


@RoseRed wrote:
Well, no wonder they got the Young Harry Bosch so right.

Did you notice the young actress that plays Harry's dog walker Sam?

Episode 3 Episode

Episode 3

This is a damn cartoon. No way that fat man could climb out of that well.

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