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I am an unabashed TV junkie. I live in Ohio and enjoy photography and being outdoors (which makes TV watching a challenge!) I have recently become hooked playing Ingress, which also chews up some of my valuable TV watching time.

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Closer Episode


This show is slowing to a crawl.

Shadow of a Doubt Episode

Shadow of a Doubt

What a stupid episode. No background check on clients that want you to commit felonies? Bah!

FOX and NBC announce plans for less advertising  Article

FOX and NBC announce plans for less advertising

I remember owning a ReplayTV in the early 2000s. It had a commercial skipping mode that worked poorly, so instead I used the convenient 30 second skip button that made replaying network shows easy.

We have all seen slick advertising within the context of a show, where a character is driving a Ford and comments on some new whiz bang feature that has little to do with the story line. Maybe we will see more of that. But I agree that there will be more explicit banner or animated screen overlay advertising coming our way that you cannot escape by fast forwarding.

I also wouldn't be surprised if some of this "extra" time per hour is used for Network promos/previews, news updates, or similar ideas.