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New Amsterdam Pilot Review Article

New Amsterdam Pilot Review

I for one enjoyed it, it may a nice change from the norm of most medical based shows. For myself it was nice to see a doctor who wanted for himself and the other staff to be just that doctor's to do what they had trainned to do. Care for there patients without the All mighty dollar having an effect. Proving that fare quick by firing the cardiac staff and anybody else who put money over patient care

Virgin Media drops all UKTV channels Article

Virgin Media drops all UKTV channels

So Virgin media want to pay UKTV less for all the contents they offer, whiles charging it's customers more in subscription fee. I know mine is due to go up by 3 pound's a mouth. Shame on you Virgin media. If the two companies can't make a deal I can see alot of angry customer's demanding refunds or leaving. To loose one or two channel's without some kind of monthly refund is one thing, but if there is no agreement virgin media customers will be loosing 17 channels that's if you include all the plus one's.

My final thoughs: Sort it out Virgin Media

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