Marking watched episodes in your calendar

Hi everyone,

We've just added a new premium feature.

It's now possible to mark episodes as watched,acquired or skipped from the calendar.
The purpose of this feature is to further speed up the process of managing your shows.


If you don't have Premium but would like to try this new feature:
You can activate the trial version. (You'll be able to use 60 days of Premium for free.)

Do you have any feedback, ideas for new features? let us know in the comments below.



Written by Jan at May 10, 2018


JuanArango posted 7 months ago

Very nice addition and I also like the rating idea that Silver Surfer brought up :)

kathy posted 7 months ago

mrsentinel, sorry to burst your bubble but there are more than 10 threads asking for this feature.:D

mrsentinel posted 7 months ago

Want to hook me up with some free premium for implementing my idea? :)

Cecile posted 7 months ago

Amazing !

Personally, I've added some css to always see the buttons while the episode isn't mark watched, acquired or skipped. Maybe it could be a choice in settings ?

Jan posted 7 months ago

@silversurfer: I like that idea. noted.

kimbiel posted 7 months ago

Really usefull thanks

SilverSurfer posted 7 months ago

Handling tonight's shows has been a breeze! Great addition!! Thanks folks!!!

SilverSurfer posted 7 months ago

Looks good, looking forward to trying it out over the comings days ... I think it will save time and bandwidth, bandwidth on both ends.

And, from the never satisfied category, it would also be great, I think, to have the ability to rate the episode in the same drop down box by having the stars underneath the 3 status icons ... dunno if it's possible, but it would be nice.

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