Mark your watched shows update

You might have noticed it already.

We've upgraded the watched episodes buttons on several pages.

Episode page


Episode List



watchlist watch status buttons

Watchlist full show list


Calendar (Premium)

More info:

Monthly calendar
Show calendar

Weekly calendar

We hope that these changes make it easier for everyone to manage their shows.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Written by Jan at Oct 3, 2018


BL4CKH4T posted 6 months ago

May sound silly but maybe have a title under each icon

Like watched

Thomas posted 6 months ago

Never needed more options than watched, but I do not enjoy the looks of it on episode level.

david posted 6 months ago

Thanks for noticing, it's fixed!

tvjjbj12 posted 6 months ago

Thanks. I like this very much. It improves the presentation of show and episode information.

But on the Episode List for any Show, the Sore column no longer displays the Star as yellow for episodes I've voted on. When I put my cursor over the anyways green Star, the 10-Star display box pops up normally with my vote. Voting on an Episode still works, but the Star remains green, not turning yellow. I request this be looked into. I note this here because I found the problem at the same time I noticed the useful site update. It seems related.

Thanks as always.


JoEmme posted 6 months ago

Great job and easier to browse and keep track of watched episodes. Love it! Keep up the great work. :)

vBm posted 6 months ago

Now userscript, "Buttons Watchlist" by cicelle is obsolete.

Thanks for adding that feature.

gmpugs posted 6 months ago

Noticed it earlier this morning, everything looks nice. :)

SilverSurfer posted 6 months ago

Second that. Very nice. BTW, how's that ratings AI coming along? Only 83 days to Yule ... :)

JuanArango posted 6 months ago

Looks great and consistent all over the site, nicely done :)

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