Try 30 days of free premium.

Free toilet roll with every Premium purchase while stock lasts.

Hi everyone, 

Since most of us are currently stuck home and catching up on shows. 
And because we wanted to make things more enjoyable for everyone...
We decided to activate premium functionality on all accounts for the next 30 days.

Stay safe,

Jan & David.

P.S. We couldn't get any toilet paper. Someone beat us to it at the store.

Written by Jan at Mar 20, 2020


Akturk posted 3 days ago

dont have imdb id or wrong id.

i cant use api with imdb id for that show.


Racingirl954 posted 4 days ago

Has this offer been extended? Is there any updated info? Many of us are mandatory quarantined and unable to work? Please update? TIA! :)

antonio777 posted 9 days ago

thank you guys! 

beakerzor posted 11 days ago

thank you!  it's ok, I can poop later, right now I have shows to binge!  you guys rock!

caperj posted 16 days ago

Much better than a roll of toilet paper.

Abella posted 16 days ago

Remember Government Cheese, soon to be Government Toliet Paper.

Abella posted 16 days ago

I found some at a dollar store but its kinda like sand paper.

opaben posted 16 days ago

Thank you so much for your offer, too bad the paper ran out of stock before you could get your hands on it. So I have to go on using old newspapers. :)).

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