The Comedian

Samir Wassan is a desperate comedian who will do anything to get a laugh... and soon discovers that he has a power that will let him do exactly that.



By Gadfly on Apr 2, 2019

At Eddies Comedy Club, comedian Samir Wassan does a routine on the 2nd Amendment to an unenthused crowd at a night club. The audience doesn't laugh and Samir leaves the stage after finishing his routine. At the bar Samir orders a drink and a woman, Didi, sits down next to him and tells him to try some jokes in his routine. She points out that people like her act and a comedian down the bar, Joe Donner, chuckles. Didi tells Samir that even though Joe got off for murder after he hit a bus stop acr…

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Episode Discussion

Gadfly posted 18 days ago

That, or the Night Gallery episode "Make Me Laugh".

PatrickAbe posted 18 days ago

As the episode unfolded, it reminded me of a 1980's episode of "The Twilight Zone":!

However, this comedian stood ready to destroy and chose another he is definitely in "The Twilight Zone Comedy Club," where confession "brings the house down.";)

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