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Chapter 8: Redemption

The Mandalorian comes face-to-face with an unexpected enemy.

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Episode Discussion

whispurr posted 26 days ago

This episode was jam packed with easter eggs and possible future story lines. The usual making fun of Storm Troopers was a great take on the running joke of their bad aim! The reveal of The Mandalorian's name by Moff Gideon who then uses Darksaber (how did he get it??) and how did he survive his execution? Of course, what is beneath the helmet - at last - and the IG-11 CPU injury joke. Is this the beginning of The Child teaching The Mandalorian the way of the Jedi, is he force-sensitive? Who are The Child's parents? The clan of two, why he hates droids, where is he going now, did the Armorer really not know about the Jedi? Roll on Season 2.

gjuniorX posted 27 days ago

Hahaha & oh man the poking at fun of Storm Troopers not being able to hit anything had me in legit stiches!!

Zlogorek posted 28 days ago

⠀— Come on, baby! Do the magic hand thing. ⠀ :)

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