Ten years ago Precrime ended in Washington D.C., one of the three Pre-Cogs is still haunted by his visions of crimes about to happen and is struggling to lead a normal life.

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cobraa posted a year ago

good pilot epside,

wavens posted a year ago

This episode is very interesting but i think that it is going to be very repetitive and routine.

MrCorleone posted a year ago

Not as good as movie

johncymru posted a year ago

I saw the original pilot some time ago and there are differences between this and that original pilot. Though only in the details of the end action scene as the overall storyline stayed the same in both except for the very end piece where a piece was added in this episode which adds a possible twist that wasn't there in the first pilot. With good writing this could be an excellent series.

Hanii posted a year ago

A pretty good follow up to the film, I just hope the quality keeps up.

Thomas posted a year ago

Enjoyable pilot.

JuanArango posted a year ago

Also curious how the ratings will be, the movie it is based on is quite old, so not sure how much viewers the show will attract.

SilverSurfer posted a year ago

I liked it but I see a death in the future ,,, this show. Sadly I don't think it'll see a second season ... I hope I'm wrong.

SeanConnelly posted a year ago

wow watched the pilot and it is a sure fire winner

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