In a military cell, Strand torments Doug, who breaks down and is removed. Strand bribes a guardsman to save feverish Nick. Liza helps Dr. Exner with patients at the hospital. Ofelia hurls debris at the Safe Zone gate in protest that soldiers took Griselda. Adams calms her and takes her home. Chris is devastated that Liza left voluntarily to help at the hospital, but Travis promises to bring her back. Madison discovers Adams being detained in the Trans' basement by Daniel. Alicia and Chris get drunk in and vandalize the abandoned home of a wealthy family. Strand recruits Nick for an escape plot. Travis convinces Moyers' squad to take him to the hospital to check on his friends. While en route, Moyers encourages Travis to shoot a zombie, but he has not the wherewithal. The soldiers stop to assist another squad in a building infested by zombies, who bite most including Moyers. The few survivors flee and drop off Travis near the Safe Zone. Travis learns that Daniel tortured Adams into revealing what "Cobalt" means: in the morning, all civilians will be killed, and the guardsmen will evacuate the city. Griselda dies of septic shock at the hospital; Liza shoots her brain to prevent reanimation. Daniel visits a nearby sports arena to verify Adams' story that it was sealed with 2,000 now-zombified civilians inside.

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Episode Discussion

Thomas posted a year ago

Finally it is becoming more interesting :)

gjuniorX posted a year ago

Yeah this episode was really good,really like where this is going,the final scene from this episode is kinda chilling to say the least..So can't wait for the finale,just horrible that it is the finale in 1 week :( ..

Hanii posted a year ago

Picking up the pace, eager for the final episode now.

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