My Talk Page - No Reply

Gislef wrote 13 days ago:

When I go to my talk page, people can post there. But there is no button for me to click on to either Reply to them, or start my own talking.

Is that normal? Obviously I can post on the forums, since I'm posting here. There's a green Create button at the bottom. But there's no Create or Reply button on my talk page that I can find.


Thomas wrote 13 days ago:

You definitely should be able to and I have no problems with it at all.

Gislef wrote 13 days ago:

The link doesn't work me. I get the "Error - Oh Snap! An error occurred!" message.

I had my stepson check it using his ID, and the link works for him. And he sees the reply button. But... I don't when I'm logged on with my ID.

tnt wrote 13 days ago:

Weird. Looks like it's something for David or Jan to check...

david wrote 13 days ago:

Heh. The devil's in the details. It's such a long story that I probably shouldn't even bother explaining, but it should be resolved now.

Gislef wrote 13 days ago:

Yup, it's working. Thanks!