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vapourtrail wrote 6 days ago:

why does it take two (or more) clicks to access the "back one page"?

Tonks wrote 6 days ago:

I can verify this Bug, at least on Firefox.. it even takes more than two clicks, depending on the page.. I tend to have to click at least 3/4 times when I check a personality from a show. Going back to the show or episode page is tiresome.. it’s been going on for a few weeks.

Aidan wrote 6 days ago:

I can't reproduce this in Chrome, so whatever it is must be browser specific.

JuanArango wrote 6 days ago:

same here, in Chrome all works fine.

Jan wrote 6 days ago:


I've tested this on FF and i'm unable to reproduce the reported issue. What browser version are you using? which pages specifically are you having this issue on? Is it on mobile or desktop? Maybe an addon is causing this?

The first step would be for us to reproduce the bug. Once that's possible we can look into resolving the issue.

Mum2StaffyBulls wrote 6 days ago:

I'm using Firefox Quantum 68.0.1 (64-bit) - most current as of 12 Aug 2019, 02:30 hours PST. The browser is being used on my laptop, but when I download the app to my phone, I'll report back. Just joined and was looking for the correct place to report about page errors (guess I'll start a new thread), but I noticed the same problem, although I haven't been to many pages on this site yet. I only have to click twice and I switched trackballs because I usually assume it's something on my end. Same for 2 separate trackballs, 2 clicks to elicit a response. Also, I checked on TVDb, IMDb & Primewire - this problem is not occurring on any of these sites.

OT slightly - BTW Was a TVMuse user for years since I'm a disabled, gray granny with a damaged memory (my Pit Bull-type dogs/Staffy Bulls, etc. are my beloved Service Dogs). Have been looking for a site that won't disappear and take my data with it. I LOVE the idea of being able to backup our data from here. Also, looking forward to contributing and to your site rules being followed. Fed up with IMDb allowing contributors to break rules and copy plot summaries from Netflix or add in obvious spoilers. Loved IMDb for a long time and tried to get other people to use it, but now even I try to avoid it and I'm certainly not going to use my time writing original contributions when they allow plagiarism. With help from TVMaze, perhaps I'll be able to forget about the other entertainment viewing data bases - fingers crossed! Going to try TVMaze for a few days and then go with the $3/month plan. Even this poverty stricken granny can afford that! Thanks for offering us a better choice!

Mum2StaffyBulls wrote 6 days ago:

I was just looking around the forums and when I found "Pending Features" I went into some of them to vote. Clicking on the "vote" button just once is enough to change it to "voted." Hope that provides some kind of clue!

Aidan wrote 6 days ago:

Are everyone having problems with the back button viewing the page with ads ?

Mum2StaffyBulls wrote 6 days ago:

The back arrow in my browser (returning me to the page prior to the one I'm on), is like many of the other choices here, it requires 2 clicks.

I hope I'm not posting useless info, but it seems that this might be helpful to look for coding differences on what works correctly and what doesn't. In trying to familiarize myself with the site, I noticed: Single clicks work for all pages in the top menu, Reply buttons in the Forum, Comment buttons on Articles pages, Vote buttons under Pending Features, the browsers back & forward buttons from most pages (such as Articles) and a few more I've already forgotten - duh!

Some of the places that require at least 2 clicks: The browser back and forward button from this page, from the main Forums page the list under Active Threads. Sorry, getting too tired to keep looking or remember. Hopefully, some of this will help you debug . . .

Jan wrote 5 days ago:

Thanks for reporting and the extra info guys,

We've been able to reproduce the issue. David is currently looking into it.

Mum2StaffyBulls wrote 5 days ago:

Thanks for being so responsive & for having forums and bug reports that we don't need an extra password for! I was just coming back to say that perhaps this problem is indeed browser related. I'm noticing some inconsistencies in my mouse clicks on sites and tabs other than just TVMaze. I didn't observe this yesterday/last night before I came here, but even after closing the browser and restarting the 'puter, I'm still getting odd things happening. I use New Tab in FF to show a bunch of commonly visited sites and I'll click on those I want to open right away from the New Tab. I often right click and choose, open in a new tab so that I can stay on the New Tab and open as many sites as I think I'll be using right then. Today when I do that, the site does indeed open in another tab, but it also opens in the New Tab. Since you've been able to reproduce the issue here, I'll take a closer look at my trackball and then the browser. Doesn't make any sense to me (no big surprise) how this is happening, but might be more than one problem?