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Oh Snap! when trying to open the very big show

mad_man1983 wrote 12 days ago: 1

that has happened to me on several of those soap series that has an insane number of episode, so i have stopped trying. when i come across an actor that has a role in a episode in one of those shows i just skip it 

david wrote 11 days ago: 1

Hrm. I should fix that, but I'm not sure if that'll mean actually rendering an episode listing with thousands of episodes, or simply removing the link in such cases. Even if I manage to optimize it some more on our end, your browser would probably choke itself on receiving such a huge request.

As an alternative, navigate to the season index (e.g., then click through to a specific season's episode list (

gazza911 wrote 11 days ago: 2

@david maybe it's worth replacing the 'Episodes' link with 'Seasons' in that scenario. Or alternatively, don't load the episodes on the index, but add a dropdown for seasons on the episode list.

tnt wrote 10 days ago: 1

@david wrote:
Sure, that might be useful. But you can still create them via the main episode list of course;

opening two pages instead of one is kind of counter-productive ))
why not just add the button? ideally, it would pre-fill airdate, season and episode #, based on the last ep. in this particular season.

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