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2021-2022 CBS Renewed and Cancelled Shows


Below is the grid for CBS programming with a listing of renewals and cancellations. The upfront presentation for the network will be on May 18. Any additional renewal or cancellation news will be added as it is announced. 

48 HoursRenewed
60 MinutesRenewed
The Amazing RaceRenewed
B PositiveCancelled
Beyond The Edge 
Big Brother (summer) 
Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 
Blue BloodsRenewed
Bob (Hearts) AbisholaRenewed
Come Dance With Me 
CSI: Las VegasRenewed
The EqualiserRenewed (through 2024)
FBI Renewed (through 2024)
FBI: InternationalRenewed (through 2024)
FBI: Most WantedRenewed (through 2024)
Good SamCancelled
How We RollCancelled
Love Island (summer) 
Magnum PICancelled
NCIS: Hawai'iRenewed
NCIS: Los AngelesRenewed
The NeighborhoodRenewed
Tough As NailsRenewed (through 2023)
Undercover Boss 
United States Of AlCancelled
Young SheldonRenewed (through 2024)

Written by LadyShelley on May 12, 2022


JJane007 posted 12 days ago

Maybe another network may take over the show!  Fingers crossed.

pieslapper posted 13 days ago

Maybe just reboot Magnum with new characters.

gmpugs posted 13 days ago

What a bummer about Magnum.

LadyShelley posted 14 days ago

@AndrewGittings wrote:
they made one hell of a mistake cancelling Magnum PI

I had heard a few rumors that the issue was more contract negotiations than a desire to drop the show. Not sure who's contracts or what the dispute was, but that's what I've heard. 

AndrewGittings posted 14 days ago

they made one hell of a mistake cancelling Magnum PI

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