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My name is Gina and I live in California's central valley. I'm an Oakland Raiders and Athletics fan when it comes to pro sports, and the Fresno State Bulldogs for college sports.

After coming across the site, I thoroughly enjoy what I found, and plan on doing my part to make the shows I enjoy watching as accurate as possible.

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2022-2023 CBS Renewed and Cancelled Shows Article

2022-2023 CBS Renewed and Cancelled Shows

@LadyShelley wrote:
I'm not sure if the reversal on SWAT had anything to do with East New York and True Lies getting the axe or not. I would suspect not. It's the rare mid-season show that gets renewed, so True Lies already had one strike against it from the start. 

I have to admit I first started watching it to see what it would be like with Steve Howey in a serious role. I enjoy watching the reruns of Reba and he plays such a goofball on that one.

The Good Doctor News

"The Good Doctor" Renewed for Season 7 at ABC

@suemac wrote:
Hmm. I gave up on this show a year ago at the end of season 5. I just found too many of the characters irritating.(I'm getting crankier still in my old age!)  The episode scores here are up for s6 but not as many voters. Can anyone reading this say their opinion of the show went up or changed during s6?  Thx.

I'm still watching, though how much longer after this season, I don't know. Seems like Shaun and Lea finally getting married (last season) and expecting a baby this season is kind of like how much more do I want to watch after the season finale in a few weeks. But that's just me, others might feel different.

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