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Ratings Roundup for the Week of May 7, 2023


CBS was the first network to announce its fall 2023 schedule past week. The network reversed course on SWAT, renewing the police drama for a shortened seventh and final season. East New York and True Lies were both cancelled. Ghosts wrapped its second season up one hundred thousand viewers. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
Ghosts (finale)0.626.5Renewed
Young Sheldon0.566.7Renewed
60 Minutes0.487.2Renewed
The Equaliser0.426.4Renewed
The Neighborhood0.424.7Renewed
So Help Me Todd0.424.5Renewed
Bob (Hearts) Abishola0.374.4Renewed
FBI: International0.345.4Renewed
FBI: Most Wanted0.345.0Renewed
East New York0.335.0Cancelled
NCIS: Los Angeles0.334.5Cancelled
SWAT0.334.3Renewed (final season)
CSI: Vegas0.323.2Renewed
Fire Country0.315.0Renewed
NCIS: Hawai'i0.304.8Renewed
Blue Bloods0.255.2Renewed
FBI (rerun)0.191.8 
True Lies0.172.1Cancelled
48 Hours0.162.3Renewed
NCIS: Hawai'i (rerun)0.112.1 
FBI: International (rerun)0.111.8 

ABC announced several cancellations last week. Alaska Daily, Big Sky, and The Company You Keep all received the bad news that the shows would not be continuing. The network also premiered several of its summer game shows last week. The Company You Keep wrapped its season/series down one hundred thousand viewers. Station 19 was down three hundred thousand viewers. Grey's Anatomy lost one hundred thousand sets of eyeballs. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
American Idol (Sunday)0.776.1 
Jeopardy! Masters (Monday) (premiere)0.635.8 
Jeopardy! Masters (Tuesday)0.545.5 
Jeopardy! Masters (Wednesday)0.505.4 
America's Funniest Home Videos0.494.1 
Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune0.474.8 
Station 190.423.5Renewed
Grey's Anatomy0.383.0Renewed
Jeopardy! Masters (Friday)0.355.0 
The Game Show Show (premiere)0.302.7 
Judge Steve Harvey (premiere)0.282.7 
XFL Football0.281.3 
20/20 (Friday)0.262.6 
Celebrity Family Feud (rerun)0.262.0 
The Company You Keep (finale)0.252.1Cancelled
20/20 (Thursday)0.222.0 
Will Trent (rerun)0.201.9 

NBC also announced its fall 2023 schedule last week. Lopez vs Lopez and Password were both renewed. There was nothing mentioned about That's My Jam. Chances are the series has been cancelled. No decisions have been made yet with regard to American Auto, Grand Crew, or Young Rock. A thin ray of hope for fans of these shows is that the network only has one freshman half-hour comedy on the schedule for next year. With that said, at least one of the three will be cancelled. Night Court wrapped its first season down six hundred thousand viewers. Lopez vs Lopez ended its season down three hundred thousand viewers. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
The Voice (Monday)0.505.5Renewed
Chicago PD0.454.9Renewed
Law & Order: SVU0.454.2Renewed
Chicago Fire0.445.9Renewed
Chicago Med0.405.4Renewed
Law & Order: Organised Crime0.363.5Renewed
Night Court (finale)0.362.4Renewed
Law & Order0.333.9Renewed
The Wall0.331.9Renewed
That's My Jam0.322.4Cancelled
Weakest Link0.301.8 
Lopez vs Lopez (finale)0.291.6Renewed
That's My Jam (rerun)0.271.5Cancelled
Dateline (Friday)0.252.0Renewed
Dateline Sunday (rerun)0.242.4 
Vintage SNL0.191.3 
The Blacklist0.171.7Final Season
Weakest Link (rerun)0.141.5 
The Wall (rerun)0.121.2 
Magnum PI (rerun)0.111.9Renewed

FOX renewed Animal Control and Next Level Chef last week. Next Level Chef was renewed for the next two seasons. Fans of Fantasy Island, however, found out their show was cancelled. Fantasy Island wrapped up two hundred thousand viewers. Accused was down three hundred thousand sets of eyeballs. 9-1-1 was up three hundred thousand viewers, while 9-1-1: Lone Star shed three hundred thousand viewers. 

BREAKING: FOX has renewed Special Forces, World's Toughest Test, The Masked Singer, I Can See Your Voice, and Farmer Wants A Wife. Kitchen Nightmares also returns after a ten-year absence. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
WWE Smackdown0.522.1 
The Masked Singer0.493.5Renewed
9-1-10.464.5Cancelled (moving to ABC)
9-1-1: Lone Star0.423.4Renewed
Next Level Chef0.371.8Renewed
Next Level Chef (finale)0.341.6 
Farmer Wants A Wife0.252.1Renewed
Family Guy (finale)0.250.8Renewed
The Simpsons0.240.8Renewed
MLB Baseball0.221.2 
Accused (finale)0.211.6Renewed
Fantasy Island (finale)0.201.7Cancelled
The Great North0.180.6Renewed
Next Level Chef (rerun)0.080.4 

The CW had some renewal news as well last week. Walker was renewed for a short, thirteen-episode season. Kung Fu, Walker: Independence, and The Winchesters were all cancelled. NexStar may have shown its hand last week on how it plans to proceed once its obligations to current programming expire after next season. In addition to a number of sporting events the network plans to air, the network has also picked up several already-produced series' from other networks or countries. So it looks like the "low-cost scripted programming" the network plans to air, is foreign retransmissions. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
All American0.130.5Renewed
Superman & Lois0.110.5 
Gotham Knights0.080.3 
Penn & Teller: Fool Us (rerun)0.070.6Renewed
Walker (finale)0.070.5Renewed
Whose Line Is It Anyway0.070.5Cancelled
The Flash0.070.4Final Season
Whose Line Is It Anyway (rerun)0.050.3 
The Great American Joke-Off (rerun)0.040.2 
The Flash (rerun)0.040.2 
Riverdale0.040.2Final Season
100 Days to Indy0.040.2 
Masters Of Illusion0.030.3 
Totally Weird and Funny (rerun)0.030.2 
Masters Of Illusion (rerun)0.020.2 
Totally Weird and Funny0.020.2 
100 Days to Indy (rerun)0.020.1 
The Great American Joke-Off0.020.1 

Fall 2023 schedules for the remaining networks will be announced in the next few days. Will your favorite shows be renewed? 

The Writer's Strike is now entering its third week and more and more shows currently in production have shuttered. Right now networks are still acting as though the fall season will kick off on schedule, but the chances of that happening are becoming less and less every week. If the fall season is delayed, expect networks to fill gaps with either retransmissions from other sources (NBC has already announced it will air the next two seasons of the Canadian series, Transplant, to fill holes) or quick to produce 'reailty' and 'competition' shows. The benefit of that last option is those shows don't require writers. 

Written by LadyShelley on May 15, 2023


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