Breakfast in Bed

After a hotel guest kills a man on the street, Nick and Hank investigate and discover a series of bizarre murders and suicides at the same hotel. Meanwhile, Eve and Rosalee try to work out the meaning of the symbols,and Renard gets a warning about a visitor.


By Gadfly on Feb 11, 2017

Sleep is good, death is better: but of course, the best thing would to have never been born at all. A man, Dan Wells, walks down the street, nervously avoiding anyone he comes to. He enters the Englewood Hotel and the manager Scott Mudgett tells him to keep it down. Dan ignores him and goes to his room, and one of the guests complains that he's keeping them awake. As she goes back to her room, an old man--Charles Herringlynk--in a wheelchair watches from down the hallway. Inside his room,…

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Episode Discussion

WilsonMeister posted 2 years ago

Was this hotel affiliated with 'Black Claw' ?

With the 'HundJaeger' on the front desk as a 'Gate Guard', you have to wonder ?

The man in the wheelchair in the corner was the Ultimate Enigma.

Still confused as to how this wraps-up the Season/Series ?

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