The Murder of Jesse James

Flynn travels to 1882 to save Jesse James and hire him to lead him to a remote cabin. The team follows him to 1882 and team up with Marshal Bass Reeves and his friend Grant to track Flynn and Jesse down. Meanwhile, Connor begins training Jiya so that she can replace Rufus.


By Gadfly on Jan 24, 2017

Wyatt waits in a prison meeting room. His wife's alleged killer, Wes Gilliam, is brought in and Wyatt tells him who he is. Wes refuses to talk, but Wyatt begs him to stay. He says that he needs to know that it was Wes who killed Jessica, and Wes is already locked up on a double murder so he's never getting out. After a moment, Wes says that he'd change things if he could, but neither of them can. Wyatt says that he could... if he has a time machine. Lucy enters the kitchen and is surprised to…

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