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The Murder of Jesse James Recap

Wyatt waits in a prison meeting room. His wife's alleged killer, Wes Gilliam, is brought in and Wyatt tells him who he is. Wes refuses to talk, but Wyatt begs him to stay. He says that he needs to know that it was Wes who killed Jessica, and Wes is already locked up on a double murder so he's never getting out. After a moment, Wes says that he'd change things if he could, but neither of them can. Wyatt says that he could... if he has a time machine.

Lucy enters the kitchen and is surprised to see Amy there. Amy says that she doesn't exist and Lucy doesn't care. When Lucy insists that she does, Amy reminds her that the day before was her birthday and she's never coming back. Amy disappears...

... and Lucy wakes up from her nightmare.

At Mason Industries, Rufus is surprised when Jiya suddenly kisses him. She says that Mason told her that she's going to be the next lifeboat pilot. Jiya thanks Rufus, who plays along and says that she deserves it. He then approaches Connor, who explains that Rittenhouse wants Jiya to replace Rufus in six months. Rufus refuses to train her, and Connor says that they can do it without Rufus. He points out that Rittenhouse wasn't going to give up just because Rufus threatened them, and says that he picked a side. Connor tells Rufus to reconsider his allegiances, just as Jiya reports that Flynn jumped to April 3, 1882.

The team meets and Lucy confirms that the date is the day that Jesse James died. Jesse was planning a meeting with Robert and Charles Ford, and they had secretly made a deal to double-cross Jesse for the reward movie. Denise tells them to get moving, but then asks Lucy if she's okay. Lucy says that she's fine.

In the past at their farmhouse hideout, Robert worries that they don't have enough men. Jesse reads a newspaper article saying that he showed the strength of five men. He goes over to dust a painting, and Robert and Charles draw their guns. However, Flynn comes in and kills them, and claims that he overheard them bragging about their deal at a bar. Jesse lowers his guns and wonders why Flynn saved him, and Flynn says that he wants to buy him a drink... and make him an offer.

Later, the trio arrives at the farmhouse and find the Ford brothers' corpses. They figure that Flynn saved Jesse, and Lucy figures that Flynn rescued Jesse because he needs help robbing something.

At a saloon in the nearby town, Flynn shows Jesse a map of where he wants to go. Jesse warns that it's deep in Indian territory, and Flynn says that the map leads to treasure. A waitress comes over and recognizes Jesse, and Flynn says that the map leads to someone that is important to a patriotic cause he's fighting for. Jesse isn't impressed, and Flynn offers him a bag of money to take on the job. He tells James that he'll get the other half when the job is done, just as two marshals come in. Flynn says that they should head out the back, but Jesse introduces himself to the marshals. He draws and guns them down and tells Flynn that they can go.

The trio arrives in town and finds the undertaker collecting the corpses. The bartender reports that they're heading south and Wyatt goes to get some horses to follow them. Rufus insists that it's dangerous territory, and Wyatt wonders why Lucy is distracted and says that they both have to get their heads in the game. Calming down, Wyatt says that they should get a local guide. Lucy takes them to the house of Bass Reeves, the marshal that the Lone Ranger was based on. Bass comes out and Rufus is thrilled to see that he's black.

Bass invites them in where his family is. The trio tell him that Jesse has killed four people since that morning, and Bass says that he won't help them. They explain that they need a guide familiar with Indian territory, and Lucy knows that Bass lived with the Indians for years. She warns that Jesse will kill the Indians and the other lawmen won't care. Bass calls his son George over and tells him that he's in charge while he's gone, and tells the trio that he does it his way... and they'll capture them alive and bring it to justice. He demands Wyatt's word that he'll do it his way, and Wyatt agrees. Bass refuses to take Lucy with him, but Lucy tells him that he doesn't have a choice and Bass gives in... but tells her that she has to wear proper clothing.

Jiya begins her training but messes up. When she emerges, Connor assures her that she's coming along. Jiya isn't convinced but Connor assures her that she'll do it. She asks for the video flight logs from the other pilots, but Connor claims that they were lost when a power surge wiped them out two years earlier.

Bass' Indian friend Grant Johnson rides up and wonders who the trio are. Bass says that they're righteous townfolk, and Wyatt assumes that he's Bass' Tonto. Since "Tonto" is Spanish for "Fool," Grant assumes that Wyatt is insulting him but passes it over. When Bass and Grant go inside, Wyatt tells Rufus that he's going to shoot Jesse. He says that it's not murder but stopping a bad guy from hurting good people, and insists that it doesn't bother him.

Once she puts on trail clothing, including pants, Lucy joins the others and mounts up... and falls off. Gets up on the second try and they ride off. As they ride into town, people glare at them. Bass points out that two of them black and one of them is an Indian, and the people aren't fond of that. Grant tells Rufus that they're going to interview witnesses and find out where Jesse and Flynn went.

Jiya has one of the techs, Seth, check the simulator. Once Seth goes to work, Jiya sits down at his console and brings up the video logs. Connor comes in and Jiya tells him that Seth is working on the simulator. She secretly hides the flash drive she was loading the logs onto and leaves.

Bass and Grant talk to the witnesses who saw the map, and tells the trio that they're heading for the bluffs.

In the bluffs, Flynn spots the group following him. Jesse is practicing his shooting and assures Flynn that he can handle them. Flynn takes out a modern rifle and says that they have to leave, and Jesse asks him what happens if he wins the cause he's so quick to kill for. Flynn says that it will be a better world, and it never occurred to him that he might lose. Jesse says that he used to be him when he fought and killed for the Confederacy. He ended up on the wrong side of the war and the Confederacy is gone, but he keeps on killing because he's a killer. Jesse says that it's just another word for "cause" and Flynn wonders if he's talking about him. Several Indians show themselves from a distance, and Jesse says that they're on their land... and checks his guns.

When Bass, Grant, and Wyatt arrive, they find the dead Indians. Grant says that they need to bury the bodies and Bass agrees. Wyatt says that they need to keep moving, but Bass says that Flynn and Jesse need to rest their horses and sends him back to get Rufus and Lucy.

That night, Rufus approaches Grant as he makes cairns for the bodies. Grant says that he's mixed blood and the only place he's ever belonged is with Bass. Meanwhile, Wyatt asks Bass why he's risking his life to capture Jesse when it'd be easier to shoot him on sight. Bass doesn't figure that it's right, and admits that he's killed several men. He sees them every time he closes his eyes, and figures that Wyatt knows what he's talking about. Rufus asks Bass if it bothers him that he's fighting for his old masters, and Bass says that the law is all they have.

Once Bass leaves, Rufus says that they can't double-cross him. Wyatt insists that they can't just lock up Jesse, and Rufus wonders what's wrong with him. After a moment, Wyatt says that he talked to Jessica's killer. He says that he'd go back and kill Wes if he could, and Rufus talks about how it's been hard on him when he killed a man in Houston. He wonders how far they're willing to go, and Wyatt asks Lucy if she's going to back him up. She says that she forgot Amy's birthday and she doesn't know what's right or wrong anymore. Lucy tells them that she doesn't want to do the job anymore. She just wants Amy back and the chance to go home.

The next day, Jesse and Flynn ride to the spot on the map. There's a cabin there and a noose hanging from a tree. Someone shoots at them, and Flynn tells Jesse to hold his fire. He then calls out and says that he has a ship and can take the shooter to it. Flynn holds up his gun and a woman steps out aiming a rifle at them. He tells Jesse that it's a private conversation and to go to the horses. The woman, Emma Whitmore, takes Flynn into the cabin. There is modern equipment there, and he says that she isn't from that time. He says that he can take her home, but Emma says that she's not going home. She orders Flynn to draw a map to the ship, and Flynn says that he's not from Rittenhouse and knows what she did for Mason Industries.

Jiya reviews the video logs and finds Emma on the tape, recording her flight.

Flynn says that Emma and Anthony were the first ones to travel through time. But then Rittenhouse enlisted her, threatening people she loved if she didn't help them. Emma found a way out.

In a later video, Connor says that Emma was lost and Anthony reported that her body couldn't be recovered.

Flynn figures that Emma faked her death and hid in the past. Anthony knew but kept her secret,. Emma says that she had to run, and Flynn says that he ran as well when they killed his family. One day he decided to stop and fight, and Emma warns him that he has no idea what he's going up again. She knows things that nobody else knows: the things that they have planned for the mothership. Flynn tells her that he won't force her, but Rittenhouse will destroy anyone she loves.

A few minutes later, Flynn and Emma go out. Flynn says that Emma knows the way out and pays Jesse the rest of his money. He then offers Jesse a bonus to kill Bass and the others following them. Jesse reaches for his gun and says that he wants Flynn's rifle. After a moment, Flynn hands the rifle over. as they head over, Jesse tells Flynn to look him up when his cause fails.

That night, the group breaks into the cabin. They see the modern equipment, and Rufus finds Emma's flight jacket with her name on it. Lucy spots a reflection outside just as Jesse opens fire with Flynn's semi-automatic rifle. Everyone takes cover until Jesse finally runs out of ammo. They realize that Grant's been shot, and Grant says that he should be dead but he isn't. Bass says that he isn't going to die, and Grant knows that he's lying.

Jesse calls out, introducing himself, and they realize that Wyatt has snuck out. He flanks Jesse and shoots him in the leg. Bass comes out, aims his gun at Wyatt, and tells him to holster his gun. Jesse offers to surrender, and Wyatt says that he can't let Jesse go. Bass tells him that Grant is dead and repeats his order. Jesse drops his gun but Wyatt warns that he'll escape and kill more people. Bass tells Wyatt that he has a choice... and Lucy shoots Jesse dead.

Later back in town, the townspeople gather to look at Jesse's corpse. Bass hands Lucy the reward money for Jesse, and she tells Bass to give it to Grant's family. Bass refuses to take it away, and Wyatt says that Bass should be thanking them. The marshal says that they killed an injured man who was going to surrender. As Bass walks away, a reporter asks Bass if they brought Jesse to justice. Bass says that isn't true and prepares to ride off. Rufus goes over and tells Bass that he should talk to a lot of reporters and make sure he's the person who receives the credit. He says that people will want to know Bass' story, but Bass tells him that he isn't doing it for them and rides off.

The lifeboat returns to the present and Rufus tells Denise and Connor that Emma is alive. Denise wonders why Flynn needs another pilot. Connor then sees Jiya and reveals that he knows about the video logs. He says that he didn't tell Jiya because he didn't want her to be discouraged or afraid. Rufus arrives and overhears them talking as Connor says that there isn't room for the slightest error. When Jiya says that it doesn't scare her, Connor warns her that if she deceives him again then she will be scared. Once she leaves, Connor sees Rufus watching.

Lucy looks at the altered historical records, which now show her at Jesse's coffin.

Wyatt sends a text to Rufus to meet him at a bar. The soldier talks about how he loved Westerns and the heroes never crossed the line. Now all he can think about is how it's garbage because nobody is that good, but Bass was that good. Wyatt then asks Rufus to help him save the time machine to save Jessica. Rufus refuses to help him kill someone else, and Wyatt says that he's trying to stop a bad man from hurting good people. He begs Rufus to help him save his wife.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 24, 2017

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