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Penguin's Umbrella

Jim tries to bring Mayor James and Falcone to justice for the Waynes' murder. Maroni defies Carmine, and hitman Victor Zsasz pays Jim a visit.

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By Gadfly on Jun 26, 2019

Now a man in Maroni's organization, Oswald strolls down the streets of Gotham. When Fish learns that Oswald is alive, she tells Butch to bring her Jim Gordon because he didn't kill Oswald as ordered. In the GCPD locker room, Jim tries to reach Barbara to tell her to get out of town. Harvey comes in and punches his partner, furious that he lied to him. he draws his gun and says that his best bet is to kill Jim and hope Falcone takes mercy on him. Jim assures Harvey that he has a plan to make…

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