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Up Above the World So High

The trio discovers a human that has built a crude glider. He is then captured by the apes, and one ape in particular wants to see the glider developed to its full potential... so that she can wipe out the gorilla and orangatuan leadership.

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By Gadfly on Dec 13, 2016

The trio arrives on the coast and Galen gathers some berries. As he does, he sees a glider pass over head and calls to Alan and Pete. Galen mistakes it for a flying reptile, and is astonished when they point out that a human is flying the glider. Two gorillas ride up and the trio quickly hides. The gorillas are focused on the glider as it crashes behind a hill, and Galen figures that the gorillas will kill the human if they don't get there first. Alan finds the pilot, Leuric, hung up in a tre…

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