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The Doctor takes Bill and Nardole to a space station in the future in response to a distress call. They discover that 36 of the 40 crew members are dead... but their suits aren't.

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By Gadfly on May 14, 2017

The Doctor lectures about how space wants to kill people. Ivan and his girlfriend Ellie go on a spacewalk outside of their station, Chasm Forge. As her suit registers one oxygen credit remaining, she tells Ivan that she wants to have a baby with him. Her com channel goes dead, sand she realizes that Ivan didn't hear her. As they continue on, Ivan turns around and realizes that he can't hear Ellie, and figures that they can't waste breath as his own suit recorder registers one credit. As he wo…

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Episode Discussion

BigDocFan posted 3 years ago

I enjoyed this episode, great shots in space

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