Trapped in Neverland, Hook aligns himself with Tiger Lily, hoping to find a way back to Emma. In Storybook, Regina works to break the sleeping curse that David and Snow are under, and Gold denies The Black Fairy, which brings the two of them to a fearsome impasse.


By Gadfly on Apr 17, 2017

In Neverland, the Lost Boys chase Hook through the forest. They finally surround him and the leader says that they want to make him pay for what happened to Pan. As Hook draws his sword, a woman shoots the boys with envenomed darts, knocking them out. He realizes that it's Tiger Lily and thanks her for the rescue, and Tiger Lily jabs him in the neck with a dart and says that it wasn't a rescue. In Storybrooke at the oft, Regina and Henry show Emma and David the hieroglyphics that Henry watch,…

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