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Mon-El's parents arrive to bring home and help restore Daxam to its former glory... and Supergirl realizes that Mon-El has been lying to her. Meanwhile, Winn discovers that Lyra has set him up when he's the prime suspect in a museum robbery. The Music Meister puts Supergirl into a coma and the story line concludes in The Flash: "Duet", Season 3, Episode 17.

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By Gadfly on Mar 21, 2017

At Kara's apartment, Kara and Mon-El watch TV and Mon-El suggests that they watch musicals. She smiles and Mon-el points it out, and Kara admits that she's happy. He's happy that she's happy, and they kiss. The TV signal is intercepted and a woman voice's rings out, demanding that Mon-El's "captors" hand him over. She says that they know where Mon-El is, and if the people don't give Mon-El up by dawn then they will take him by force. Everyone gathers at the DEO, and Hank explains that they de…

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